The Unique Social Challenges of Stay At Home Dads

My SAHD husband. Would you be game for him joining your playgroup?

I read this article on Babble today about the challenges that stay at home dad’s face. Essentially the article stated that most stay at home moms tend not to embrace SAHDs and even when they are accepted, there is still a feeling of not belonging. My husband and I just had a discussion about this very thing.

My husband is one of the 13% of dads in the US who is the main childcare provider for his family. We’re lucky enough that our very best friends are in the exact same situation and he has one SAHD friend. If it weren’t for Scotty, he’d have very few adult connections during the day.

Brent is totally game for participating in daytime kid activities like taking our daughter (and eventually Arlo too) to the play gym, museums, and local parks – but he’s wary of joining a playgroup. “What if I’m the only dad there? That might be awkward,” he commented.

Despite his desire to interact with other adults and build relationships with like-minded parents – he feels a bit intimidated to join what will most likely be women-only social circles. We even went so far as to google SAHD playgroups in our area, but didn’t find much. So what options are there to grow their at-home parent social circles if most moms don’t want them there and dad’s feel uncomfortable joining in the first place?

It’s an interesting conundrum for men whose main role is caring for their children. SAHM’s – Would you be comfortable welcoming men into your playgroups? Do you currently have SAHDs in your daytime social circle?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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