The War on Cradle Crap.

I fell victim to a baby book’s advice for what to do with cradle cap. Add a little baby oil, rub it around and wash it out. Seemed like a good idea, oil breaks up oil right? Not in my world. I ended up with a greasy headed baby for nearly a week. A greasy, flaky headed baby. Something went wrong in the whole curing cradle cap quest and I swore I’d do it right with Vivi. (Turns out Addie is just a cradle cap prone child with her curls. She’ll be seven this year and can still end up with a wicked case of the flakeys under all her curls.) Vivi however is nearly three months old and has yet to suffer from the dreaded cradle cap, even with all of her fluffy baby hair.

The best thing I did in the war against the cap was grab a couple of extra baby head scrubbers from the hospital before we left. I’m unsure of their official name but they’re spongy on one side and covered with fine plastic bristles on the other. I scrub Vivi’s head with it every other day and she has yet to show even a hint of flakes. I’d like to think that maybe she’s immune, but after about 48 hours her hair starts to get greasy (sorry baby, you got that from me) and it seems as though keeping her scalp well scrubbed has kept the scalp greasies at bay.

I know there’s specific products out there for cradle cap and thankfully I’ve never had to use them. But I have lived the horror story of greasy flaky baby and learned that when those books suggest a few drops of baby oil? Maybe try one drop. And save those baby head scrubbers from the hospital. They’ve made all the difference in the battle against cradle cap this time around.

Any cradle cap advice and/or horror stories?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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