The Weekday Grind: Evening Prep = Morning Success

I remember when my eldest was just a baby. We would get up around 6am, she would nurse, I would watch a bit of the early morning news, and when she was done nursing, we would both drift back to sleep, sometimes until 10am.

Man, those were the glory days.

Now, four kids later, our mornings look very different. Our family of six all get up at the crack of dawn around 6:30am to start the day and get the two oldest girls off to school.

I quickly learned that the only way I’m ever going to successfully survive this whole “get the big kids to school on time” while caring for a 2 year old and 7 month old is to be amazingly organized, starting the night before.

The evening prep has become almost more important that the 90 minutes we have in the morning before we leave. To go to bed organized has become key to morning success.

Evening prep chores include:

  • Lay out uniforms, complete with socks, shoes, belts and clean underwear.
  • Pack backpacks with completed homework in proper folders.
  • Prep lunches, and have them ready and waiting in the refrigerator to grab and go. I make a family sandwich at the beginning of the week, which saves both time and money.
  • And sometimes, I even have the girls prep their breakfast cereal before they go to bed for the night.  Pour the dry cereal in the bowl, so all they need to do is add milk in the morning. Because we all know, the less decisions that need to be made, the better. Deciding between 3 different flavors of cereal, at 6:30 in the morning can be hard. Especially when you’re 5 and 7 years old.

Then in the morning, we have just under an hour and a half to gather our wits and get out the door. Once breakfast is complete, it’s a quick “brush n’ go” routine. Brush the hair, Scrub the face, and brush the teeth.

I’ve realized that by having all that “other” stuff already done, it takes so much anxiety and stress out of the morning, which is a beautiful thing for the whole entire family.

How do you make the morning run smoothly at your house?

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