The Worst Place for a Diaper Failure

Over the course of the last 10 weeks, I’d like to think that I have become a pretty decent diaper changer. Though about every surface near our diaper changing stations has received the pee treatment, I have still never been peed on while changing a diaper, which, yes, I kind of want a trophy for.

But there is one diapering situation I’m still far from an expert at handling: the blowout. I do okay with them when we’re home or even somewhere with a good diaper changing station. But this week I got to try to clean up a blowout in the worst place I could imagine.

We drove across town to have lunch with my in-laws. As usual, I packed 4 diapers a ton of wipes and some extra clothes, just in case. I changed his diaper when we got to my in-law’s so that hopefully I wouldn’t need to while we were out. Such a good plan…that outright failed.

Our lunch was a picnic at a park about a mile away. We packed up our stuff and began walking. Our final destination was a grassy hill, where we later learned there were no public restrooms.

About halfway through lunch we all heard the sound and right away, I knew we were in trouble. I’d say anyone with ears in a 20 foot radius knew we were in trouble. And boy was I right. We’ve had a few blowouts before, but nothing like this.

And of course we’re outside, on a hill, on grass, in 60 degree weather, with no bathrooms and a million people around.

So I spread out a blanket, put down a changing pad and got to work. 2 diapers, a new outfit, a million wipes and 10 minutes later, the situation was under control, but I still felt like both of us needed a monster bath. In fact I want to bathe every time I think about it.

And while totally gross, we all somehow survived, though it was definitely touch and go for a while.

That was definitely the worst place I can imagine a diaper failure. Where was the worst place you ever got to experience this nightmare?

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