They Found WHAT on Public Baby Changing Stations?!

I have a love/hate relationship with public baby changing stations. When Tate needs a change, I walk into the restroom with trepidation. I mean, have you tried to change your baby’s diaper without one? What are you supposed to do? Change it on the public restroom floor? On your lap? See? Not a pleasant scenario. On the other hand, have you stopped to think about what possibly could be lurking on those baby changing stations? They are so gross.

And you will not believe what a recent study found on most public changing stations…


The study, which included more than 100 changing stations, in places like hospitals, churches and shopping centers found that 92% contained traces of cocaine.

That’s right. As if parents aren’t already freaked out by germs, we now have to wonder if we exposing our kids to hard drugs when we change their diapers?

It seems unlikely that this is due to addicts actually doing doing lines off of the changing stations. But you might think twice before putting your baby directly on the station according to my careful observations they are covered in baby pee.

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image source: flickr | cafemama

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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