8 Simple Things That Make Babies Laugh Hysterically

8 simple things that makes a baby laugh.
8 simple things that makes a baby laugh.

One of the best things about babies is their ability to laugh at basic, everyday occurrences, say like when you blow your nose … or when the dog eats bubbles (okay maybe that’d be funny to us, too).

There is no better mood lifter when you’re a parent.

Here are 8 simple things that make babies crack up.

  • Blubbering 1 of 8
    What's cuter than one baby laughing? Four babies laughing! Dad certainly knows how to entertain a crowd.
  • Ripping Paper 2 of 8
    The paper that 8-month old Micah's dad is ripping up is a job rejection letter! 35 million views later, Daddy doesn't need that job.
  • Fake Sneezes 3 of 8
    The simple word "achoo" is enough to keep these babies laughing. Allergy season will be hysterical for them.
  • Tickle Threats 4 of 8
    Anyone remember Fat Albert? This baby is possessed with his spirit!
  • Siblings 5 of 8
    Monkey see, monkey do. (I hope this bond lasts them through the teen years.)
  • Baby Laughs Like the Devil 6 of 8
    Not sure whether to smile or to pray for this baby's laugh. That laugh is quite unique
  • Dogs Eating Bubbles 7 of 8
    A bubble-eating dog and a laughing baby = internet gold!
  • Mommy Blowing Her Nose 8 of 8
    I am pretty sure this baby laughs to deal with fear. Therapy maybe in his future.

What Makes Your Baby Laugh?


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