This Baby Is Non-Transferable

baby belly
A nap-free belly

Know this situation? Riding home from the grocery store, I look in the rear view mirror into the other mirror I’ve velcro-ed onto the backseat, so that I can see my rear-facing child. His eyes are in that half-mast position. I’m about four traffic lights away from home. He’s about one and half traffic lights from passing out. Suddenly my cortisol level goes up because I know that if that kid falls asleep, I am screwed.

Screwed meaning that I either get to spend the next however long sitting in the car while he sleeps, or alternately, risk the transfer, which frankly, often leads to the end of the nap.

Crapity crapity. I planned this whole shopping trip to fit exactly between naptimes, and lo and behold, today was different…

Fuzzball falls asleep easily using any one of these methods, and sometimes just on his own, but if he needs to be moved mid-slumber, the result is often disastrous.

Okay, disastrous might be a little strong, but he often ends up cranky and napless. He’s one of those babies that often senses the moment the car turns off, or the stroller stops. Often he’ll even wake up when the Sleep Sheep stops making wave sounds. Darn that forty-five minute limit!! (Note to manufacturers: make a version that goes indefinitely). If he wakes and I try to transfer him, it’s over. If I try to transfer him to the crib asleep, I have about a 25% success rate. If I try nothing, he will definitely wake up.

I am very jealous of parents whose babies stay completely asleep when moving them from place to place!

So, if you have a baby like this, how do you transfer him successfully, or do you just never leave the house?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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