Three Bulldogs and a Baby: The Cutest Photos You Will See Today

I always thought that my family wouldn’t get any pets until the kids were old enough to take care of the animals on their own…but these adorable photos of a baby covered in bulldog puppies just may make me change my mind. Cuteness trumps reason every time. Sigh.

Photos of Cindy Clark’s tiny nephew snoozing with newborn pups Penny, Sophie and Hanna are evoking “aws” all over the Internet. They’ve been featured on several websites, including most recently, BuzzFeed.

Clark, a French Bulldog breeder in Thornton, Pa., told me that posing little Austin — who was just two or three months old when the photos were taken — with the puppies was a spur of the moment decision she made as she prepared to update her website,

“I had to get pictures of them and Jill (Austin’s mom) was helping me and we finally were like let’s put the baby with them,” she said.

It was an easy photo session, she said, since both the baby and the bulldogs slept throughout much of it.

Hope to get your paws on one of the pups pictured? You’re a little late — both Sophie and Hanna have been sold, while Clark kept Penny for herself. The good news is that the puppies’ mother is pregnant again and is due with another litter in about two months.

Get more information on Clark’s bulldogs here and check out five adorable photos of little Austin and the pups below!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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