‘Til the breaka (breaka!) dawn…

… is my new mantra. I type this at 11:37pm, surrounded by two (finally!) sleeping infants on the early portion of my night watch AKA, life as I now know it: up all night with a thousand babies on my person.

The babies came home from the hospital Monday and I had no idea what to expect. Essentially the NICU was kind of like having a full-time night nurse so for the first two weeks postpartum I was able to sleep… kind of. Recovering from a C-section isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on and not having my babies was keeping me up at all hours howling like a mother wolf, but in retrospect, I realize if it wasn’t for those first two weeks of sleep and healing, I’d be physically damaged. In fact, how mothers (especially twin moms) bring their babies home from the hospital post-op and live to tell the tale blows my mind. Because with one newborn baby? You don’t sleep. Add another baby in the mix and you can’t even TRY to sleep. Not even for a minute. Because the moment you get one baby to bed the other wakes! It’s like magic! The second your head hits the pillow: SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH!


… Until (as evidenced Monday night) you’re bleary eyed, feeding diapers and changing bottles and wait, who was the last one to eat? Where is my shirt? Why am I crying?

Tuesday, after spending the entire night awake with Hal we had a family meeting and decided that the only way to survive this whole twin situation was to hire a night nurse. EXCEPT! Night nurses are a zillion dollars. SO? I decided to hire myself. For free. The plan? To put the coffee on and stay up ALL NIGHT LONG thus allowing Hal and my mom (who is staying with us for the next few weeks) to sleep through the night. This way Hal can wake up with the kids, get them to school and go to work without falling over. And my mom can day nurse from 6:30am-12:30 while I sleep uninterrupted. THATTTT way, when I wake in the afternoon, I can be up with Archer and Fable and coherent enough to make it through the day with all four kids and my well-rested mom who I’m NEVER letting leave this house – sorry Dad.

And so? Everybody wins! Because six hours of uninterrupted sleep is worth its weight in all-nighters.


For now, anyway.

Now to find a mommy group with the same hours.

(3am playmate, anyone?)


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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