Time To Find A High Chair

This IKEA chair is a steal at only $20!

Now that Cullen is five months old, I’m thinking more and more about starting to add some solids into his diet.  My hope is to keep him exclusively on breast milk until month six, but there is still some preparation that needs to be done before we can start.

First and foremost – where is this eating going to be gone?  We need a high chair!

Because his legs are rather chubby, he doesn’t fit in his Bumbo seat very well.  I put him in and then literally have to shake him (slowly!) up and down to help ease the seat off his tush when he’s ready to come out.  So I think our days in the Bumbo are very numbered, if not over already.

We have a nice big dining room table, and I love the idea of all three of us sitting at it for family meals once he can be an active participant.  I’m open to either a seat strapped onto a chair, or a separate high chair unit.  My top priorities are cost (not expensive!), safety (not a death trap!), and space (not gigantic!).

A few moms have recommended the Fisher Price space saver chair, as well as the IKEA Antilop – are there any others I should look into or consider?  I’m hoping to get something in the next few weeks so that we can sit down for our first family dinner as a group of three!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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