Tiny Decisions = Healthy Choices

I learned long ago that kids like being given choices. From packing a school lunch, to getting dressed in the morning. Having options make them feel in control, even when we as parents in reality know exactly who’s in the driver seat.

For instance, when we’re packing school lunches, the kids get to make a few decisions regarding what goes into their lunch bag. They pick a fruit (apple, banana or plum), a dairy (string cheese or yogurt cup) and a grain (granola, crackers or pretzels). My husband always makes the sandwich, and the girls also get to decide between a juice box or water bottle.

And when it’s come to potty training my (almost) three year old son, I always make a big deal that it’s really important to carefully choose the perfect underpants. Because keeping the underroo dry (which is typically a superhero covered brief, specifically Spider-Man or Green Lantern) have really made a big difference on avoiding accidents.

So of course, brushing teeth and oral hygiene is no different. To keep my girls engaged and excited, every month or so (pending illness), I let them pick out a new toothbrush. Last month it was these Phineas and Ferb ones, this month it’s this Barbie one. Brushing teeth with a cool new character toothbrush is always fun. And I never have to ask twice for them to go upstairs and brush their teeth.

Hey, whatever it takes, I’m all about it. Right?

How do you keep your kids excited about taking care of their bodies? If you have any good tips or trick, I’m all ears.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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