Tiny {Handmade} Baby Bows and Flowers.

Most newborns are genderless blobs and it doesn’t really matter when the grocery store checker asks “how old is he?” to my little girl baby. Truthfully it matters much less to me this time around than it did with Addie, and I hesitate to even correct people with “SHE is 3 months old” with Vivi. Little old ladies calling Vivi a he now and again won’t have any effect on her getting into Harvard Law or discovering the cure for cancer. In fact I can guarantee that my spectacular fall flat onto my ass whilst 8 months pregnant at the fault of a rogue Barbie car will be more to blame for any future disappointments in Vivi’s life. If you’ve never heard about the parents who are raising their child to be genderless, it’s worth checking out and then getting into a heated debate with your husband over (maybe that was just me?)

That being said, there is one thing that I inflict upon my little ladies, not because I’m trying to right the world of their inaccurate gender assumptions, but because I LIKE CUTE THINGS. And the cute things I like the most?

Little tiny baby bows. (The big enormous bouquets that appear to be eating the baby’s head? No. But the little dainty artsy baby decor bows? YES PLEASE!)

Addie was pretty bald compared to her sister so getting little ribbons to stick with Karo syrup actually worked. We also lived in Utah where the climate is dry. However between Vivi being the SWEATIEST baby in America, the humidity in Indiana and sheer amount of fluff on her baby head? I’ve had to hot glue velvet lined clips onto the back of all the tiny little flowers I purchased off etsy in anticipation of her arrival.

Oh sure, I could make bows and flowers myself, but these people on etsy? It’s insane how talented they are. I’ll just let them keep doing what they’re doing, save myself the time and hot glue gun burns and just hand over some money. I know there’s cute little clips to be had at chain retail stores, but there’s something about that tiny little clip that someone actually sat there and made for your baby. Someone you could actually call on the phone if it weren’t kind of creepy to do so.

My favorite “boweries” on etsy so far are Briar Claire and Lou and Lee. I have my eye on at least a dozen others but the baby only has one head so there’s no need to get carried away. Lou and Lee is one of the only shops where I could find cute baby head baubles that didn’t require a headband or clip to keep them in, meaning you can easily Karo syrup them to your bald baby’s noggin.

Do you have a favorite baby head adornment or shop?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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