5 Tips for Buying Jeans After Having a Baby

I know first hand how frustrating going clothes shopping is after having a baby. I think going shopping for jeans after having a baby can be the toughest. I wore jeans all the time before and during my pregnancy. They have always been a staple in my wardrobe and I didn’t want to change that after I had Avery.

When I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans after having Avery I was immediately let down because I couldn’t fit into them. My expectations were set way too high and I was unknowingly setting myself up for disappointment. In order to keep up to date with my post-baby wardrobe, I knew I was going to have to buy new jeans.

After shopping and finding the perfect pair, I was so surprised at just how easy going the process can be. I left a lot happier than I thought I would and felt much more confident than before I went shopping.

Check out my tips for buying jeans after having a baby after the jump!

1. Don’t grab your post-partum size right away. Always size up. When I went in to the dressing room to try on my Levi’s, I brought in a few sizes, but not the size that I was before I had Avery. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and begin to feel sorry for myself. I grabbed some sizes that I thought I might be and went from there. I was happily surprised when I had to go and grab a smaller size because the ones that I chose were too big. Although I am not back in the size I was, I left happy because I set realistic expectations and was even smaller than what I thought!

2. Take a friend for moral support. Going shopping for clothes after having a baby is tough stuff. You are always your worst critic. Take someone with you that can help you find the styles that look best on you and will give you the self esteem boost you need. I always look at my flaws when trying on new clothes, rather than the parts of my body that actually look good. A friend will point out your most flattering assets.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks. I bought my first pair of colored jeans after I had Avery. I never ever thought that I would look good in the new trend, but when I went and tried on a pair I was pleasantly surprised. Now I am willing to try on anything because you just never know how it will look on you. Levi’s has some great fall colors out right now and I had a chance to try them on over the weekend and loved the way they looked.

4. Bring or wear a top that would look good with jeans. Don’t wear a top or a dress that wouldn’t go with a pair of jeans. Try to wear a top that you would normally wear with jeans so that you get a good idea of the entire outfit together. I picked some of my favorite fall tops last week and any of these would be great to wear to go and try on jeans.

5. Buy what you feel most comfortable in. Ultimately you are the one that will be wearing the jeans all the time. Buy the ones that make you feel the best and that you think look the best on you. It may take a couple styles and pairs of jeans to try on, but you will find a pair that makes you feel amazing. I promise. I had to try on different sizes, colors, and styles until I found a pair of jeans that I loved. But when I found them, I couldn’t have been happier.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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