To Grok the Baby Talk

Baby milestones. It’s only us parents who are so smitten with every slight move and development our littles make.

I understand it’s boring stuff to the rest of y’all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what are you doing here then?

Now. For the rest of you who love you some baby cute – onwards. As of late Lil’ Abner has been talking up a storm. Talking that is, in her very own baby language. I’m not going to call it gibberish. Nay.

Babies are clever. Devilishly clever, at times. We may not fully understand what they are on about as they nosh on their knuckles, gurgle, growl and mewl. Nope. This is not to mean that what they are communicating is not highly intelligent. I’m willing to give that theory a go.

Because you see…I see it in her eyes as she speaks, and I speak back. It’s in the way they light up, sparkle and shine. It’s in her gestures, (= flailing). It’s in her tone and pitch depending on what’s going on around her. Or who’s around her. It’s in her deep, curved, dimpled smile. Or vexed, furrowed brow frown.

These little humans are masters of communication I tell you. They have their own language and I wish I could fully grok it. I bet they have all the answers.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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