Too Many Baby Pics! How a Goat Saved My Facebook Feed

A baby goat saved Christmas -- or at least, my Facebook feed.These last few days, my Facebook feed has exploded with even more baby pictures than usual. Babies wearing Santa hats. Babies on Santa’s lap. Babies lying near Christmas trees. Babies opening presents. Single babies. Twin babies. Sitting babies, standing babies, dancing babies, break-dancing babies…

(OK, no break-dancing babies, but man, that would have been awesome.)

Anyway, it’s all very, very, very, very cute. And it’s totally understandable–when you’re bursting with love and pride as you watch your little one celebrate his or her first holiday, of course you want to share the evidence with your friends.

But… and it pains me to say this… even I, the woman who has two munchkins of her own AND who takes plenty of pics of them and posts them all over the Internet AND who writes about babies and toddlers five days a week… even I was getting a little tired of the nonstop Facebook baby parade.

Thank goodness for the baby goat.

My friend Kelly, who runs by a goat farm in the mornings, posted an adorable picture of this four-legged fluffy guy on Facebook the day after Christmas. It made me so inexplicably happy.

Maybe I was just delirious from cleaning up shredded wrapping paper. Maybe I was just feeling out-of-sorts after bingeing on holiday foods. Maybe having my active, older son home from preschool for an extended time was driving me just a wee bit bonkers.

…or maybe, sometimes, a mom just needs a little baby goat in her life.


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Photo by Kelly Gallagher.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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