Top 12 Reasons Why I Love Raising My Baby In Portland Oregon

We love it here.

It is no secret that I love Portland, Oregon.  If you’ve ever seen Portlandia and assumed it was an accurate depiction of what Portland is like…well, you wouldn’t be terribly far off base.

Portland is a magical place filled with farmer’s markets, houses built from recyclable materials and trees as far as the eye can see and I am incredibly excited to raise my daughter here.

Here are some of the reasons why…




  • Location, location, location! 1 of 12
    Location, location, location!
    Portland is less than two hours from the beach and less than two hours from the mountains. It allows for a variety of scenery and experiences that I look forward to sharing with my daughter.
  • The weather 2 of 12
    The weather
    Yes, it rains here, but it's really not as bad as people think. In my opinion the fairly temperate weather is great, because it allows for children to be outside for much of the year instead of being trapped inside during times of extreme heat or cold.
  • The small town feel 3 of 12
    The small town feel
    If you live in Portland, you are constantly reminded of how small and interconnected it is. It seems like everyone's circles of friends are interconnected and I love that. The city itself is big enough that our kids hopefully won't feel trapped, but small enough that it has a bit of a smal town feel.
  • The unique people 4 of 12
    The unique people
    People march to the beat of their own drummer here and I like the fact that Fern will be able to pursue her interests without as much fear over being the "weird kid".
  • The commitment to sustainability 5 of 12
    The commitment to sustainability
    Portland is a place where people shop second hand and find new uses for old things. Fences are made from reclaimed lumber and pretty much everyone recycles and environmental sustainability is something I want to teach my children.
  • Openness to all things natural 6 of 12
    Openness to all things natural
    I love that people here don't simply buy into Western medicine blindly. Home births, acupuncture and homeopathics are all just a part of the holistic approach to health that people take here.
  • Getting back to basics 7 of 12
    Getting back to basics
    People here are committed to getting back to basics in the way that things are made and I love knowing that Fern will grow up surrounded by this. Home brewing, urban farming, roasting your own coffee beans and creating things from reclaimed materials are all things that are common here and I love it!
  • Support for local business 8 of 12
    Support for local business
    Portland has a large number of small businesses, thanks in part to the overwhelming support by the community. People shop local first and it's a wonderful thing that I hope to teach Fern to appreciate.
  • The culture of food 9 of 12
    The culture of food
    Portlander's don't do fast food. Yes, fast food restaurants do exist in the suburbs and are dotted here and there throughout the city, but it is far more common for people to spend their dining out budget eating at smaller restaurants that source quality ingredients locally.
  • The outdoor lifestyle 10 of 12
    The outdoor lifestyle
    People here LOVE being outdoors despite the fact that we get quite a bit of rain. Rain or shine, people are out hiking, running, kayaking, camping or just sitting in their backyards with a microbrew. I'm so looking forward to spending time enjoying the great outdoors with Fern.
  • The creatives 11 of 12
    The creatives
    People here are so creative and it seems like someone is always coming up with some new creative business endeavor or another. Portlanders are so great at supporting local businesses (creative and otherwise) as well, which is definitely something I would like to teach Fern the importance of.
  • Overall kid friendliness 12 of 12
    Overall kid friendliness
    It isn't uncommon to find high chairs in fine dining restaurants here and there are so many kid friendly activities abounding all over town that you feel like you can still have a social life AND be a parent at the same time.

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