Top 21: Bucket-List Momfessions of a Work-At-Home Mom

My Top 21

A fresh New Year has most people thinking of resolutions and such. Me? I’m all about the bucket-list. A confessional, work-from-home, mom’s bucket list.

Now, I’m not going to cap this off as my all time, list for life or anything. That would be preposterous. Something of that scale needs to evolve as a person evolves, I think.

Organically, without unhealthy amounts of pressure put on one-self . Although naturally, a few of the lifers shall be boasted here.

Unless that list is full of frivolities…but then, perhaps the point is lost.

Because a healthy bucket list? Should be compromised full of challenge, goals and truths. Perhaps even some secrets revealed.

There but for fortune, go you or I…

  1. Spend more time with my babies: reading, painting, making music, colouring (outside of the lines), outside, free play – focused play.
  2. Really focus on breastfeeding. Continue to do everything I can to keep my minimal flow up and not get discouraged.
  3. Manage my time more effectively so that I can squeeze in one activity per baby/toddler, focused one-on-one time. A play or music group, ideally, once a week.
  4. I really love yoga. To become a real “yogi” is something I’ve daydreamed about more than several times. There must be something to it. I fantasize of dedicating time each day to the art and practice of yoga and one day going on a full-fledged yoga retreat. There was a period in my life wherein I practiced yoga daily – why did I ever let it slip by the wayside? I was stronger of mind, body and spirit. It’s just the truth. Time to get back on that wagon and have my children join me. Little yoginis they can be.
  5. Read more of the books from this top 100 list.
  6. Learn Photoshop and improve my photography.
  7. On that note, learn more than basic code…become my own HTML super-star.
  8. Start my own Etsy shop and get accepted into the One of a Kind Show as an exhibitor.
  9. Have an on-line wholesale order system (look book and forms), hook-up some accounts with boutique stores – like Magic Pony. That’s a big one for me.
  10. Spend one summer RV’ing with our littles (maybe when they are a bit older), and good friends the Digging Roots clan. To travel throughout Canada and reservations across Canada facilitating traditional Aboriginal art and craft work-shops with youth. Conduct blogging 101, writing and social media workshops with women/young mothers. Digging Roots and the mister can do music workshops!
  11. Grow a green rooftop over our garage; sporting vegetables and herbs.
  12. Use those herbs for the organic salve I make and jar much more of our own food, seasonally.
  13. Attain another degree – preferably a PhD in something utterly useless (career wise – for me anyways), like Theology, Philosophy, Art Therapy or Indigenous Studies. I have no concern over being a ‘mature’ student. This is something I probably won’t get to once my babies are much older youth, when we are more finically stable to support this.
  14. Arrive at and maintain a healthy weight. Naturally, this is an obsession for most post-partum women and I’m no different. I liked the size I was in college. (Famous words, I know). I’m done with looking at my sexy jeans longingly.
  15. Frivolity: Spend a week with the kids at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort. Do it all and watch some of our children’s dream’s come true. Soak in all the awesome that is Disney. This was on my list long before Disney bought Babble, so cool your jets.
  16. Go to one of the top blogging/business/social media conferences around – for women, by women. (This is about to happen! I’m going to Blissdom in February!)
  17. Start an edgy blog collective of Anishinaabe mamas, mixed blood mamas. Where cultures and ideas collide. It’s in the mix! Launching in February.
  18. Become a better advocate for Aboriginal people’s. Become better educated on all related fronts and therefore more articulate.
  19. Find my biological father. Yep, it’s a biggie. An obvious, true one though.
  20. Travel, travel, travel. Take the kids globetrotting during the summers to India, Australia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Belise, etc.etc.etc.
  21. Be more patient with my mister. This is the most important item on my bucket list. Patience is not a virtue I come by easily. At times the mister certainly knows how to try it. They key is to always exhibit kindness. He is after-all, the man of my dreams. Really. Beautiful imperfections and all. Life would be boring without them. Ah, but relationships are a delicate dance, an art-form really – of respect and balance.

That’s it from me. (For now). What about you?

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