Top 20 Favorite Baby Photo Blogs: The best pictures this side of parenting

As a mother, I always have my camera with me to capture moments as soon as they happen. That’s the beautiful thing about photography these days. You can capture a moment and share it with the world within a matter of seconds. Photography is such a beautiful form of art. As soon as I became a mother, I realized the magnificence of a simple baby photo. The mothers in this list have realized the same. These photography blogs give you a peek into the world of our fellow moms. They show the sweet side and the messy side of motherhood. But what I love most is that it is all incredibly genuine and real. They let the photos tell their story — and what beautiful stories they tell. Check out my 20 favorite baby photography blogs after the jump! 

  • Bleubird Vintage 1 of 20
    Bleubird Vintage
    Bleubird Vintage follows the life of James and her four beautiful children. Her photos give you a candid look into their lives in Houston, Texas. It seems as though James picks up her camera to capture their every little moment in their lives, which includes homeschooling, thrift-store shopping and, genuine family fun. The love that each family member has for one another is so evident in all of her photos.
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  • Boho Baby Bump 2 of 20
    Boho Baby Bump
    Jess is the writer and photographer behind Boho Baby Bump. Her photos capture the life of her family which includes her two adorable boys and husband. This North Carolina mom shares the simple pleasures in life through her photos. Whether it's her son's art on the wall or a toy left on the floor, her photographs capture the raw and organic pleasures of motherhood.
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  • Brooke Schwab Photography 3 of 20
    Brooke Schwab Photography
    Brooke is a lucky mama in that she's able to capture special moments in other families lives everyday. Her blog shares her professional photography sessions with families who have just welcomed a little bundle of joy into their lives, sisters enjoying each others' company, and even kids having a fun time jumping on the bed. She also gives a glimpse from time to time into her life with her husband and two children.
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  • Collected 4 of 20
    Brianna is a photographer, mom, and designer who shares her life with her two children and the beautiful photos she captures in the lives of others on her blog, Collected. I love that she gracefully shares her favorite moments going on her her life, as well as the ones of her clients. Her sincerity makes it a no-brainer as to why people hire her to capture the special moments in their lives.
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  • Holden On Baby 5 of 20
    Holden On Baby
    Holdenon Baby shares the story of California girl Lauren and her family. Lauren shares beautiful images of her son Holden. I love that she shares style posts that include her son's amazing style, too. The photos of their life in San Francisco look as picturesque as a postcard.
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  • Johnson Journal 6 of 20
    Johnson Journal
    Jen captures the life of her family on her blog Johnson Journal. I love that she captures the sweet, simple moments in life. From getting her little one, Kate, clean in the bathtub, to reading a board book, she makes life look absolutely beautiful in the photographs she regularly posts.
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  • K Dimoff Photography 7 of 20
    K Dimoff Photography
    Kati Dimoff is a photographer and a mother in Portland, Oregon. On this blog, she shares the beautiful moments she has with her two children, as well as outtakes from other families that she photographs in the Portland area. I love that the moments she shares in her life as a mom are so very real and relatable.
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  • The Parrish Place 8 of 20
    The Parrish Place
    Ginger and Jon share their life with their son Jonah on their blog, The Parrish Place. I love that this family gives a recap of their week through their favorite Instagram photos — it shows you don't need a fancy camera to capture beautiful moments.
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  • Life as an Artistpreneur 9 of 20
    Life as an Artistpreneur
    Becka is a photographer from Florida who chronicles her life as a small-business owner and a new mom. Her candidness in both her writing and photography are one of the many reasons I love following her blog. As a new mom, she loves to document the milestones in her son's life.
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  • Little Labyrinth 10 of 20
    Little Labyrinth
    Amanda is a mom to six beautiful children and a professional photographer. She shares her life with her children and her husband on her blog, Little Labyrinth. I love that her posts that show the "scenes" of what it's like to be a part of her family. From doing arts and crafts with her older children to showing off beautiful hand-knitted hats and accessories on her baby girl, this mom knows how to capture all of the beautiful moments in her life.
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  • On to Baby 11 of 20
    On to Baby
    On to Baby is a style and design blog created by moms, Jocey and Amy. Their blog shows pretty ideas for baby showers, nursery designs, and well as contributions from amazing family photographers. I love that this blog encompasses everything baby and shows it off in beautiful photographs for endless inspiration.
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  • Pirates and Peonies 12 of 20
    Pirates and Peonies
    Pirates and Peonies gives us a glimpse into the life of Shaynah, her two (soon to be three) little boys. I love the warmth in her photos and the genuine happiness that is so evident throughout this blog!
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  • Rockstar Diaries 13 of 20
    Rockstar Diaries
    This blog features one adorable couple and their two beautiful children. I love following this blog, as they are fellow New Yorkers living in the Big Apple. Her beautiful photos make apartment living in the city look both charming and graceful.
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  • Small Fry 14 of 20
    Small Fry
    Small Fry was created by moms Jenna, Emily, and Nicole. These ladies give us beautiful kids' style posts, creative ideas for projects, and recipes all with beautiful photos of their children to accompany it. I love being able to look into the lives of all three mothers.
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  • The Art of Making a Baby 15 of 20
    The Art of Making a Baby
    Elena started her blog to chronicle the journey of her and her husband as they prepared for parenthood. Today, it shows lovely pictures of their daughter Lexie and their life in Florida. Her photographs show just how much she loves being a mother.
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  • The Coterie Blog 16 of 20
    The Coterie Blog
    The Coterie Blog gives us a look into the life of Heather, her husband, and her two little boys. Heather used to be a family photographer and is now focusing her time — and her photography — on her beautiful family. I love seeing the passion that she has for her two little boys in her amazing images.
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  • The Day Book 17 of 20
    The Day Book
    Sydney is a mom to Everett and lives in Washington, D.C. Her photos encompass her great style and the joy she gets from being a first-time mom. As a mother, I am a lover of her blog because she finds a way to incorporate the practical and beautiful sides of motherhood into her style posts, making them great inspiration for fellow parents.
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  • The Glow 18 of 20
    The Glow
    The Glow gives us a glimpse into the lives of fashionable moms and their children. The photographs here are taken by Kelly, who brings us into the homes of ladies such as Actress Busy Phillips and Designer Rebecca Minkoff. I love that it shows a side of these mothers that you might not see in the magazines, but are fortunate to see on this blog.
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  • Hanna Mac 19 of 20
    Hanna Mac
    Hanna Mac is a photographer and mother of two little girls. Much of her site features her raw photos of her family. She also gives us a sneak peek into some of her photography sessions with her clients. The joy that shows from the photos of her two girls is so evident. As a fellow mom of two little girls, I love to watch the relationship between the sisters blossom in her photos.
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  • Styleberry Blog 20 of 20
    Styleberry Blog
    Shawna fell into the love of photography during her struggle with infertility. Her photos tell a story, which is why I love visiting her blog. Now a mother of Everett and Caroline, she captures the story of her life as a mom of two. Her photos show us a creative side and love for art, motherhood, photography, and food.
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Did we miss your favorite blog? Tell us which one in the comments and it could be considered for next year’s list!

Edit: The bloggers on this list were chosen based on the quality of their photographs. The inclusion of a blogger on this list is not an endorsement of their personal beliefs or views.

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