The Top 5 Things Moms REALLY Want For Christmas – Hint: It's Not Diamonds

I was asked repeatedly by my kids and my husband what I wanted for Christmas this year. I have a deep passion for certain things (like gorgeous vintage), but it was hard to really choose anything to put on my wishlist. Until I realized that what I really wanted were somewhat intangible things. And I know I’m not alone in wishing for these things!

Here are the top 5 things moms REALLY want for Christmas:

1. A Clean House – I really could just stop right here, if I’m being honest. And when I say “clean” I don’t mean “mostly tidy.” I’m able to achieve mostly tidy by the end of the night (on the nights I yell at everyone to clean up before bed), but clean? Clean is completely elusive. I’ve decided that having 3 toilets in the house is way too many because ALL of them get gross and are currently in said gross state. Related: this is something that could be purchased, yes, however the clean state wouldn’t last long. I need CHANGED HABITS, people.

2.  A Quiet House – Maybe it’s because I have 3 boys, maybe it’s the 2-month-old-baby, but my head is THROBBING by the end of each day. When everyone finally is asleep I take so long to decompress that I’ve noticed myself staying up later and later just to soak in the silence. Which brings me to my next wish…

3.  A Sleepy House – I don’t mean one morning I’d like to sleep in, or maybe on Christmas mommy can have a nap! I’m talking long term SLEEP. Again, I know this is impossible. But maybe sometimes putting something on a wish list will help us and those around us get a bit closer? I’m thinking if I can schedule in a nap now and then, somehow got to bed earlier and at was promised at least one sleeping in morning a week, I’d be off to a great start.

4.  A Peaceful House – Sometimes I would love it if everyone would just love each other. The kids tend to NOT love on each other throughout the day and sometimes the bickering makes me want to run away from home. Of course these same bickerers are so close they are sad if apart from each other, so what’s a mom to do? Maybe the harmony will come if I institute a smile first, ask second policy. I will listen to your demands only if delivered with a smile!

{Author note: Do you sense a theme here? Well not anymore…}

5.  Chocolate – I know, I know, this *is* something tangible for most people. And no I don’t want a chocolate house (actually…hmmmm…) – but the fact that my nursing baby is allergic to chocolate means that this is a total pipe dream for me, and I simply had to include it. Maybe the wish isn’t for chocolate but that my baby get rid of her allergies? Either way, I’ll keep on dreamin!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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