Top 7 Baby Sleep Myths

sleeping babySleep is my favorite subject. It’s because I get so little of it.  You know how when someone is on a diet or starving themselves all they can talk about is food? That’s me with sleep. Get used to it, I’ve been doing it for thirty-three months so far.

Today Heather Turgeon published an awesome and extremely interesting list of myths about babies and sleep. I almost want to kiss her for a few of these.. for example:

2. At three months, sleep gets better. This is a big misconception. Lots of us assume that newborn sleep gradually gets better and better, and that by three months baby sleep is drastically improved — that’s what it says in the books, right? In fact, most babies’ sleep doesn’t follow a linear progression. Even a baby who sleeps well in month two can start waking up every two to three hours when she gets a little older (often the best explanation is a surge in cognitive development).

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Now that I’ve had two babies and both of their sleep became completely wonky after three months, I know this to be true. It frustrated me so much with my first because I felt like there was something I was doing wrong because of what the books said.

Another wonderful dispelled myth:

5. Catnaps are not real naps. Catnaps get a bad rep, but a 20-minute nap is a true nap.

After my recent post on my Fuzz nap miracle, it’s nice to have some affirmation that when my baby only sleeps for twenty minutes, it’s okay and I’m not a bad parent. Did you get that, Weissbluth?

Read the rest of these myths here!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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