Top 7 Names We Punished Our Kids With in 2011

Name your kid after a vampire!

Welcome to 2011, where the most popular baby names came right from a tween sensation movie about Vampires, or directly off the pole at your local strip club.

Yup, me again… pushing the envelope this week, there must be something in the water? And of course I am sure people could run their mouth about the names I picked for my own kids, especially since my daughter’s name just so happened to be in the top 20 for girls names in 2011, but come on… a vampire movie? REALLY?

And don’t even get me started with all the ‘yden” names.  My four year old is named Camden, but now all the kids are Aiden, and Jayden, and Brayden.  What is with the ‘yden” sound on every popular little boys name? Ok… I know I am ranting… sorry!

I just hate when kids go to school and there are half a dozen kids with the same name in the class. Growing up I was one of three Danielle’s in my class, and I hated it.  I was always Danielle M. and I didn’t like being identified by the first letter of my last name. Frankly it pissed me off!

When it came to naming my own kids, I wanted to do something somewhat off the popular beat, and when I picked Camden in 2007 it was something like 400th in the list of popularity… of course since then it has grown… grown to freaking 179th!

But in all seriousness… who cares what someone names their kid right? You aren’t the one who has to live with it right?

Remember, my post is in sarcasm! Not serious, or offensive nature!

  • Jayden 1 of 7
    Let's all jump on the Britney Spears baby naming bandwagon... Next stop... shaving our head!
  • Isabella 2 of 7
    Really... a vampire movie?
  • Alexis 3 of 7
    Once upon a time, when I was a young girl, this wasn't really a run of the mill popular name for little girls.
  • Jacob 4 of 7
    More Twilight on the list!
  • Aiden 5 of 7
    Apparently everyone in America now has deep Irish roots... are there more gingers to come?
  • Liam 6 of 7
    I never thought of Liam as a popular name, but 90210 must really be making an impact right?
  • Jackson 7 of 7
    When I think of Jackson, I think of the late controversial pop star Michael Jackson. Would someone really name their kid after him?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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