Top 7 Safe Co-Sleeping Hacks


We’ve been a co-sleeping family since our first. Nothing as spectacular as having multiple babes in our bed though.

Not because we don’t believe in it or anything — it just didn’t work out for us that way. I’m a firm subscriber to not subscribing to any one way of doing things in the parenting realm.

With Wyndham, he was up far too much throughout the night for it to work long-term. So, at about 10 months we began gentle sleep training. Not as hard-core as the Ferber method, more of a slow elimination. Abby is now 6 months and we’d like to begin the process with her. She and her bro will be sharing a room, so the process will need even more delicacy I think.

The mister and I are also amazons and while we share a king size bed, having a co-sleeper next to our bed would be ideal as we make this transition with Abby from our bed, to her own bed, to eventually having her bed in a shared room with her brother. I began looking around the internets for inspiration and found some fabulous looks and ideas. After the jump.

  • Let The Wild Rumpus Begin! 1 of 7
    This one right here? Absolutely fantastic. Perhaps a bit wild with the amount of heads this bed could sleep...but it just looks so awesome. Heavy want. I think this set-up would also be well-suited for kids sharing a room. Or at the cottage.
    Photo Credit: Casa Evaliza
  • Lavender Dream 2 of 7
    This right here has inspired us to the same in our room.
    Photo Credit: Soul Mothering
  • Serene Scene 3 of 7
    Hack job! That's not a co-sleeper, or a crib — oh no! Wait till you see this hack job.
    Photo Credit: Ikea Hackers
  • Playful Cocoon 4 of 7
    This here is a Gulliver crib from Ikea, which is the one we have and the measurements next to our bed approve.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Side Roll Haven 5 of 7
    I love the look of this set-up, from the bed-frame to the colour scheme. This bed would be far too small for us amazons, however. I think I'll use this idea as a side rail for the toddler's big boy bed.
    Photo Credit: PhD in Parenting
  • Clean & Simple 6 of 7
    Here is an example of how one of those fancy, specialized co-sleepers work. I'm a fan of spending less money however, and the Gulliver crib I mentioned before will transition nicely into being her crib and then a toddler bed since the side rail can come off.
    Photo Credit: Inhabitots
  • Endless Options 7 of 7
    Right here is where you can check out all the co-sleeper options around, if you are so inclined.
    Photo Credit: Simply Baby Furniture

Are you a co-sleeping family? What are some of the hacks you’ve created to make a safe co-sleeping bed?

The Co-Sleeping Controversy

Top Image Credit: Casa Evaliza


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