Top 7 Songs To Sing To (& Eventually With) Your Baby

Singing Siblings.

Herein lies collection of songs that are popular the world over, for their various reasons. Some, made even more popular by children. Who were once babies. It’s true.

Someone introduced them to all of this. A parent! (I can’t help the ones who introduce them to bad music). *Nickleback*…*cough*…(sorry Plex, if you are reading this, ya knoes I loves ya).

Sing to them. Trust me, as such will turn into singing with them, to watching them sing. Bringing ukuleles into the mix? Genius. Not a person do I know who can’t smile in the presence of a uke being strummed.

Not a one. And they shall turn into protégé’s such as some of the ones below. This my friends – is how it’s done. Let these littles teach your babies and bring them joy. In watching the vids below, I dare you to not feel some yourself. You know, joy.

Either baby sized, toddler sized, child sized or adult sized. If you sing it – they shall too. In one way or another. Music is good for the soul. Big and little. Of which I am not entirely sure that babies souls are smaller than our anyways. Something tells me they are bigger.

I’ve also taken the liberty of including the lyrics to the the little ditties below. Enjoy!

  • I’m Yours 1 of 6
    I'm Yours
    Originally by Jason Mraz as covered by this adorable genius.
    Click here for the lyrics.
  • You Are My Sunshine 2 of 6
    You Are My Sunshine
    Now these two little adorable siblings...NOM! Start them young, and this is what will happen. It's a fact.
    Click here for the lyrics.

    You are my sunshine from Alina Heydt on Vimeo.

  • A You’re Adorable 3 of 6
    A You're Adorable
    You know this little one was schooled good and proper. This is one of our favourite songs to sing to both Abby and Wyndham. We are huge Sharon, Lois and Bram fans around here for obvious reasons, (they're the bomb-diggs) and also, their g-daddy produced all of their albums back in the day.
    Click here for the lyrics.

    Lily sings "A - You're Adorable" from Krista Eileen on Vimeo.

  • Born This Way 4 of 6
    Born This Way
    A Lady Gaga cover by the now famous Maria Aragon. I shall continue to play this for Abby, over and over again. Babies love to watch kids do stuff. Anything. But especially sing and dance. It's like baby crack.
    Click here for the lyrics.
  • When I’m 64 5 of 6
    When I'm 64
    Oh. My. Word. Applause. The Beatles are on steady rotation around here, and with a singer/strummer in the house (daddy), Abby gets sung to regularly.
    Click here for the lyrics.
  • Skinnamarinck 6 of 6
    This montage represents all that is good with this world. For you, your littles and your little dog too.
    Click here for the lyrics.

On a related side-note, have you heard of Pandora? Thanks an article our friend Holly Whitney (remember her?) Miss you here Holly!) – wrote for the Curvy Girl Guide, I got really excited for a few seconds on the discovery of a new online radio platform. Especially stoked to check out their Children’s Indie Radio Station. Unfortunately my Canadian butt was swiftly DEnied with a big ‘ole, ‘not for you smelly Canadian’, message. All of you lovely Americans…lap it up! I’m jealous!

Top Image Credit: Alina Haydt on Vimeo

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