Top 9 Parenting Gadgets

I often wonder what parents did before modern technology.

How did they entertain their kids before television, Disney DVDs and iPads? How did they put their kids to sleep without night lights and white noise? How do you quickly prepare dinner for a crying toddler without access to a microwave?

Sure, it can be done but there is no question that modern day gadgets have the ability to make parenting that much easier.

Here are my top 9 picks for the best gadgets for parents raising newborns to toddlers.

  • Ladybug Constellation Night Light 1 of 9
    Ladybug Constellation Night Light
    The shell of this ladybug projects the stars on to the ceiling in three different colors. Perfect for a toddler who hates the dark and likes to be entertained at bedtime.
    $23 on Amazon
  • Sleep Sheep 2 of 9
    Sleep Sheep
    This favorite for new parents is a cuddly animal that houses a white voice machine inside. I use the heartbeat option to make my baby feel like she's in the womb when she sleeps.
    $20 on Amazon
  • The Time Timer 3 of 9
    The Time Timer
    This visual timer has been a total game changer for us. Great for setting limits for toddlers and kids with special needs.
    $40 at Time Timer
  • Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock 4 of 9
    Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock
    Set this clock to turn green at 7am, signaling to your child it is morning and ok to get out of bed.
    $30 on Amazon
  • Medella Pump In Style 5 of 9
    Medella Pump In Style
    My breast pump of choice, allowing me to go back to work and continue supplying my baby her food exclusively in breast milk.
    $270 at Target
  • LeapFrog LeapPad 2 6 of 9
    LeapFrog LeapPad 2
    My daughter prefers the iPad but we've been slowly transitioning her to the LeapPad. The games might be more expensive but at least she can't surf YouTube.
    $100 on Amazon
  • Firefly Light-Up Timer Toothbrush 7 of 9
    Firefly Light-Up Timer Toothbrush
    This toothbrush comes in many different characters, and lights up for one minute so your child knows just how long to brush.
    $1.99 at Walgreen's
  • Samsung SecureVIEW Baby Monitor 8 of 9
    Samsung SecureVIEW Baby Monitor
    We never used a baby monitor with our first but have to now that we'll have a baby and a toddler in the same room. This one is top of the line.
    $207 at Target
  • Microeyes Nanny Cam 9 of 9
    Microeyes Nanny Cam
    We trust our nanny completely but if you are using someone new and want to be safe, you have options. Just tell the nanny that the cam is there so it's not like you are secretly spying.
    $200 at Amazon

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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