Top 10 Baby Items New Moms Are Willing To Spend Money On

Find out what new moms don't mind spending their money on
Find out what new moms don't mind spending their money on

I don’t know about you, but when I was a new mom with my first kid you would think we had no budget in regards to spending on newborn baby things. While we certainly DID have a budget, uhm – I blew it.

New moms want the BEST for their baby. In that moment of searching for baby things – I was willing to spend money to make sure my baby had everything he or she needed. Or so I thought she needed.

So what are the baby things that us new moms will blow our money on?

Top 10 Baby Products Moms Are Willing To Spend Money On:

  • Infant Seat / Car Seat 1 of 10
    Infant Seat / Car Seat
    Moms blow money on infant car seats. I know I did (do!). We are so worried about safety the budget goes out the window.
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  • Infant Formula 2 of 10
    Infant Formula
    My kids were all on formula. It's expensive. Let's just say I'm thankful for my friend that is a nurse at the doctor's office. Hello Enfamil samples!
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  • Stroller 3 of 10
    The Orbit stroller travel system featured above, costs more than my first car. This can be your baby's for $1150!
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  • Crib 4 of 10
    Did you splurge on a crib? It's a piece of furniture that they'll use every night. That was what I told myself with baby #1. She only used her crib about 15 months. I spent more on that crib that I had our bed.
    The crib above is $4,279. *CRAZY!*
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  • Baby Diapers 5 of 10
    Baby Diapers
    Us moms who use disposable diapers know the costs of using these over cloth. Believe us... we know. #BrokeBecauseOfDiapers
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  • Baby Bottles 6 of 10
    Baby Bottles
    If you have a picky eater after moving from breastfeeding, chances are you've spent some change on buying baby bottles.
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  • Over the Counter Medicine 7 of 10
    Over the Counter Medicine
    We'll do anything for our babies... especially when they are feverish and snotty.
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  • Baby Wipes 8 of 10
    Baby Wipes
    I have no problem buying baby wipes. These puppies arrive monthly on my door step courtesy of Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.
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  • Shampoo 9 of 10
    Before having a baby, I was obsessed with buying baby shampoo. The smell had to be perfect. My baby was going to be clean, gosh darnet. Needless to say, we still had baby shampoo from our first kid, when we had our third.... 7 years later.
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  • Clothes 10 of 10
    There is something irresistible about certain baby clothes. But do babies really need much? As many clothes as I've bought my baby - he still hangs out in a shirt and diaper most day. Sorry Zeke, no Burberry for you.
    Image source: Nordstroms

The problem is new moms are not only childrearing newbies, they’re anxious newbies at that. Even when they are on a budget, many new moms are willing to spend as much as they need to in order to make what they hope is the best possible purchase for their baby, according to a November 2011 survey by Kelton Research.

Words of wisdom for new mothers:

Over the years, I’ve learned that spending money doesn’t always get your baby the best.

New moms, do your research!

Find out what products have the best reviews and price points. Make sure your baby actually NEEDS the item. Shopping around can save you money! Don’t be afraid to buy used on certain things – and certainly don’t impulse buy.

What Is Your Weakness When It Comes To Buying For Your Baby?


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