Toy Organization: I Obsess Over Matching the Pieces

Photo Credit: Andy Walker/Flickr
Photo Credit: Andy Walker/Flickr

I spend way too much mental energy on wishing that all of the toy pieces would be matched correctly. “The farm animals go with the farm, what are they doing in the toy bin under the spaceship?” “Where are the balls that go with the popping lion toy?” “How will my daughters ever learn ’cause and effect’ if there aren’t any balls to bounce around when they push the lion’s nose?” Do you need more examples? I frequently walk into other parents homes and marvel at all of the matching toys. So tidy, so organized, so ready to be played with as the creator intended.

This weekend I’m getting serious about toy organization. If only I could get on top of matching up the toy pieces, then maybe I can teach my 1-year-old daughters to as well. My mother always kept my and my brother’s toys matched up. At the end of every night each toy went to its special place. Never a night passed in which the toys weren’t fitted with their parts. So it’s not that I didn’t learn how to organize toys, maybe it’s just personality? Either way, I’m on a mission — toy organization will be done!

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Photo Credit: Andy Walker/Flickr
Photo Credit: Andy Walker/Flickr
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