Transitioning Into the Crib

When I hit 20 weeks pregnant, I suddenly felt this surge of needing to get all of our baby things and nursery furniture as soon as possible.  Once I was at the halfway point, it felt like my pregnancy would just breeze by from there!  Boy was I wrong.

Regardless, I spent my summer researching, shopping, and eventually ordering beautiful nursery furniture that I couldn’t wait to use.  My crib arrived within a week of ordering it, and has been assembled in the nursery since July.  All that time, waiting for him to arrive, I’d sit in the nursery while I talked on the phone, I’d fold all his little clothes, and I would simply love spending time in there.

He finally joined us in October, we brought him home to the house I had been preparing for him for so long.  I talked a big talk about how I was going to put him in his crib on day one, since I wouldn’t be one of those moms who had to have her baby next to her at all times.  And as our first night at home came to an end and it was time to sleep, I announced to my husband that we needed to assemble the Pack N Play.  My baby was most definitely sleeping right next to me.

It has been almost 12 weeks since Cullen came home, and he has spent every night beside me in his portable crib.  His naps during the day are on his Boppy pillow or in his swing, and the only time he has spent in his crib has been for pajama changes and occasional tummy time.

That changed today.

I knew that we needed to get him into a more structured napping routine, and his crib made the most logical sense.  Not to mention, I’m having a hard time finding ways to get things done around the house when my sleeping infant is on a pillow.  Doesn’t exactly make it easy to run upstairs to fold laundry, or let the dogs out in the backyard.

Last night, I got our monitor hooked up and ready to go, and I was ready to get started once nap times began.  Since Cullen isn’t used to sleeping flat on his back for naps, I knew this would take a little convincing.  For his first nap, I placed his Boppy pillow IN the crib – the familiar inside the unfamiliar.  I wasn’t worried about leaving him in the pillow since he’s not able to roll out of it just yet, and even with the small chance that he did, the crib is soft and safe.  He went down for his nap pretty easily and stayed asleep for close to 40 minutes!  When he woke up, rather than crying, he kicked his legs and cooed at the cute mobile I hung last week.  He seemed pretty happy!

For nap number two, I waited until I could tell he was reaaaaally tired and most likely wouldn’t go down with much of a fight.  I put him on his back in the crib, gave him his pacifier, and put his favorite blanket on top of him.  In the past, he has loved having a blanket on him while he naps in the swing, but I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him with a blanket in the crib (due to SIDS risks).  I waited until he fell asleep (surprisingly easily), I slowly unwrapped the blanket from his little hands, and I snuck out of the room.  Another solid nap done!  I felt so much more productive than usual for his naptimes since I didn’t need to worry about not leaving the room or making too much noise – what a change!

And now we are on nap number three – no pillows, no blankets.  Just an adorable little peanut sleeping peacefully in my video monitor.  Tonight will be our first night trying him out in the crib overnight.  I’m a little nervous, but also hopeful that we will all start getting a little more sleep soon.  I know we could all use it!

How long did you wait before moving your little one into the crib?



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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