Traveling with a Colicky Six-Week-Old

I can’t believe we did it, but we did! We managed to get all 4 kids, including the colicky 6-week-old, across the country on a plane.

I crossed my fingers and toes, prepped as much as I could, prayed up and down and maybe sweat a little blood.

I have spent one too many flights sitting in the bathroom with a screaming baby to know how bad it could have gone.


I had a 30 minute period where she woke up and was cranky and was borderline about to lose it…and you mamas of a colicky baby know that if baby loses it? It could be HOURS before they calm down again.

I tried to calm my energy so she wouldn’t react to me and my internal dialogue which was freaking out. I nursed like it was going out of style, modesty be damned. I burped, shushed, bounced and swayed and she fell asleep and didn’t wake again until we put her in the car at the airport. Which means she even stayed asleep through deplaning and baggage claiming and bathroom breaks and brothers fighting and overhead announcements and and and…


Are we turning a corner? Will it be better every day from now on? Or will she make up for it on the flight home?

I’ll be busy relishing in these moments for now, but I’m starting to get ready to be fixin’ to actually have HOPE. Hope that things are really, finally, getting better.

Have you moms of a colicky baby attempted to travel? I’m still taking tips if you have any to offer, because we will have to get back home eventually!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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