Trouble In Breastfeeding Paradise

We’re all friends here, right? And I can whisper you a little embarrassing secret I have in hopes that you can relate and maybe even shed a little light on my tiny situation I got going on here?

16 days ago, I think my baby might have broke Righty.

Like it’s excruciatingly painful to breastfeed him on the right side. In fact, four days ago I stopped feeding him on that side because I just can bear the pain anymore.

The back story: Ever since Paul was born, I’ve exclusively breastfed him. Things were chugging along swimmingly, until 16 days ago. I don’t know what happened, but breastfeeding him on my right breast became unbearably painful. Every time he would latch on, my toes would curl, my knuckles would turn white, and I would have to use my labor breathing techniques just to get through the first few minutes.

And then after he’s done nursing, I have shooting pains for up to an hour deep in the muscle of my breast.

I might also mention that 16 day ago he also got his 2 month old vaccinations, and I let him use me as a pacifier to sooth his discomfort. All joking aside, I think he sucked so hard at one point, he broke my nipple and cause some serious damage.

Can a baby do that? Break a nipple by sucking too hard?

Over the course of the past 2 weeks, I’ve talked to a few smart people (none of which are actual doctors) and have tentatively ruled out a clogged duct, Mastitis, and Thrush. Three most common offenders to sore breasts.

Right now, I’ve decided to only nurse Paul on the left side, and gently pump my right side to keep supply up and hope that my body heals quickly while we take a little breastfeeding break.

Fortunately for me, I do have an amazing pump from Hygeia that I’ve actually been able to borrow from a friend, because Hygeia pumps can be shared if you buy the personal accessory kit. But honestly, I don’t love pumping, no matter how awesome the pump is, and I just want my right breast to go back to normal.

Breastfeeding mama’s, have you ever had anything like this happen to you? I’m mildly concerned with my situation, not to mention some serious pain.

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Image Credit: Casey Mullins.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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