Twins in Bath Imitate Life in the Womb

Thalasso Bain Bébé Jumeaux - Twin Baby Bath - YouTube - Google Chrome 11152013 20529 PMWant to see something really fantastic?

There’s a video circulating that I saw over at TODAY Moms of newborn twins getting a bath. I know, that sounds like no big deal. But this is a special type of newborn bath developed by a French maternity nurse named Sonia Rochel. This method of bathing, called the Thalasso Baby Bath, involves letting the newborn float in the water with no soap while the nurse gives a gentle massage and lets a trickle of water run down the baby’s face.

This particular video illustrates the Thalasso method, but it is attention-grabbing because the twins being bathed start to move as if they are back in the womb. They nuzzle and reach for each other. It is adorable.

I’ve watched this video 4 or 5 times now and I can feel my whole body relax just looking at these babies. My newborns all screamed like banshees during baths, which is one of the many reasons I didn’t bathe my newborns very often. But this method looks so relaxing, I bet my babies would have loved it!

A friend of mine watched it a few times, too, and told me it almost makes her wish her next pregnancy will be twins. I see what she’s getting at. I always assumed twins were really squashed and uncomfortable in what is a very tiny space. But this brother and sister are so content to be tangled up as if they were still curled up in their mother’s uterus. How absolutely wonderful to have that much biological and physical intimacy with another human and to know skin-to-skin touch well before birth. My singleton babies must have been lonely by comparison!

Check it out!

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Source: TODAY Moms

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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