Two Dozen Women Gather to Nurse Other Mom’s Baby

modern-day-wet-nursesMoses Goodrich’s birth was a mixture of joy and relief.

Shortly after Moses was born, his mother died of an amniotic fluid embolism, leaving his father Robbie to figure out how to raise him alone. His first challenge would be feeding the boy. Susan Goodrich had planned to breastfeed.

After her sudden death, however, Robbie scrambled to go ahead as planned. He had nurses order $50o worth of breastmilk from the area breastmilk bank. For the two days it took for the breastmilk to arrive, Moses had formula.

Then Robbie got a call that would dramatically alter his newborn son’s first six months of life.

Laura Janowski, a family friend, sheepishly offered to nurse Moses. She worried she would offend Robbie with her offer. But not in the least. He took her up on it.

Janowski eventually organized a group of two dozen lactating moms, who eventually set up a schedule to provide Moses with pumped breastmilk or meals straight from the source.

During Moses’s first six weeks of life, there was almost always a nursing mom in Robbie’s house. What had been a seven-days-a-week thing, eventually whittled down to five. There are no plans yet to stop.

Our resident Michigan Amy Kuras tells me the people in the Upper Penninsula of her state, which is where Robbie Goodrich lives, are a different breed and that something like this isn’t so much out of their character. I think it’s great that a community came together to help out a family in need. It’s not just the breastmilk — or the breastfeeding — it’s that Robbie Goodrich wasn’t left to suffer this tragedy alone.

More moms and dads deserve this kind of support — whether in the form of milk or childcare assistance or hot meals or whatever.

If there were a motherless newborn in your town, would you offer to nurse?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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