Happy 2 Month Birthday Baby!

Happy 2 month birthday Fern!

Fern turned two months last week and we had our monthly photo shoot.  She’s not a huge fan of the photo shoot, but the plus side is that she was sitting up much better during this month’s shoot than she did for last month’s shoot.

I’ve decided to document every month of Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.  Here’s what we’ve learned that Fern likes and dislikes this month:

Fern likes:

*being held like a tree cat, *white noise, *shower time, *her sea horse Charlie Bubbles, *The “Good Morning” song and her morning stretches, *smiling, *sneaking peeks of Blazer games on TV with daddy

Fern dislikes:

*being posed for pictures (she freaked out before I managed to snap this one), *diaper time, *tummy time, *stop lights, *sleeping in her own room (we’re getting there though!)

See Fern’s best photos from her second month of life after the jump!


  • Morning stretches 1 of 13
    Morning stretches
    I love mornings with Fern. It seems to be her favorite time of day. We've started a tradition where I wake her up in the morning and bring her into my bed where she stretches and we sing songs and "chat". It's my favorite time of day now too.
  • Sleeping in with Daddy 2 of 13
    Sleeping in with Daddy
    This photo was from one of our last nights co-sleeping/bed sharing. She looks so sweet sleeping next to her daddy. Sometimes I miss it, but we all sleep so much better when we're in our own beds.
  • Mommy preference 3 of 13
    Mommy preference
    This photo is from the day when Fern first showed a preference for me over others (and not just for feeding purposes!). She just wanted to snuggle and it made me really happy.
  • Learning to grab her ball 4 of 13
    Learning to grab her ball
    This photo is from Fern's first attempt at grabbing objects - success!
  • Baby smiles 5 of 13
    Baby smiles
    Fern had her first smile this month and now I live for finding ways to make her smile. That little grin just makes me melt!
  • Little Lebowski 6 of 13
    Little Lebowski
    This was one of the few items that I actually bought for Fern. It reminds me of "The Dude" from "The Big Lebowski", so I call her "Little Lebowski" when she wears it.
  • Her Baby Legs Finally fit! 7 of 13
    Her Baby Legs Finally fit!
    Fern finally started getting a bit of chub on her legs this month, so her little leg warmers finally fit! Thank goodness she's finally gaining weight!
  • Figuring out her hands 8 of 13
    Figuring out her hands
    Hands are a new area of interest for Fern this month. She's so curious to see what her hands can do - swinging, grasping and whacking at things constantly.
  • Poop face 9 of 13
    Poop face
    A little montage of Fern's many poop faces - they always make me laugh.
  • Fern’s first beauty treatment 10 of 13
    Fern's first beauty treatment
    This was one of our attempts at ridding Fern of her cradle cap and she really seemed to enjoy the pampering.
  • First full-night’s sleep! 11 of 13
    First full-night's sleep!
    This was a photo from the morning after Fern actually REALLY slept through the night for the first time - 8.5 hours!
  • Buddies 12 of 13
    This is a photo of Fern with her big kid friend Bennett. They love each other.
  • Month 2 close-up 13 of 13
    Month 2 close-up
    This was one of the few photos I was actually able to snap of Fern where she wasn't freaking out screaming. She really doesn't like having her photo taken on command!


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