Two Months, Three Shots.

While I was in the hospital I was asked if I wanted Vivi to receive her first immunization immediately after birth.

I said no.

Not that I’m against vaccinations, but the kid just came out. Let her come out into the world and snuggle with me for a few hours before you go poking her with needles. Not to mention I just gave birth. Let me see my baby and quit asking me questions GO AWAY. (In all honesty my hospital did a fantastic job of allowing us to have those first two hours after she was born to ourselves. But it went so fast, and once those two hours were up? THE QUESTIONS!)

Vivi left the hospital vaccinated and yesterday she went through the baby right of passage of two month immunizations. While I’ve already decided to immunize Vivi according to the CDC guidelines I still don’t like to have them administered in the same visit, it’s just too much for a baby in one day, all the poking and prodding and measuring and SO MANY QUESTIONS. Besides, I like to go home to read all that paperwork first and telling a doctor you’re not ready to vaccinate that day is an excellent litmus test for how well they will listen to your own mothergut instinct later down the road.

She took them like a champ, all except for the rotavirus one that is administered orally. It smelled awful. I don’t blame her for not wanting to swallow it. She was somewhat miserable afterwards and today was spent in a haze of sleepy warm baby snuzzles.

I can still remember how bad my leg hurt after my Kindergarten immunizations 24 years ago and my mom didn’t believe me as I hobbled after her through Sears. The super long snuggle fest today and my inability to subject my kids to same day doctor visits/vaccinations may have something to do with repressed vaccination emotions, if there is such a thing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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