Two Peas In a Pod

Images are not as amicable as they seem...

Or something like that. This picture was taken right before round after round of some mighty bickering. Oh I love me some baby and toddler bickering at the grocery store.

Except not really. The only thing that gets me through the meltdowns is amusing myself with instagramming adorable pictures of them, which fools everyone into gurgling ‘oooh’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ of how epically cute they are. (And treats. Not gonna lie, I run errands fully equipped with treats).

Which is true. But don’t let the cute fool you. They are giving this momma a run for her money. They love each-other. They also love to drive each-other bonkers. In turn, driving me bonkers. Wyndham is becoming very territorial with the toys and the little miss?


The diva is manifesting. Just look at that face! It has mischief written all over it. She knows exactly what she’s doing when she turns her head away from Wyndham, nose in the air and arching her back, with no real desire to have her bro’s computer except to whack at it to interrupt his game playing. If Wyndham didn’t loose his mind over it, it would all be rather amusing.

Then there is the hair pulling. Abby is enamoured with Wyndham’s curly locks and wants to finger those wispy locks, constantly. She’s actually pretty gentle about it, not much tugging or pulling. Regardless, it drives Wyndham bonkers.

Basically if she could just stick her fingers up his nose, eat his face and play with his hair all day, she would be happy.

Maybe I should get her a toddler doll. Do they make those? Really life-like ones that aren’t creepy? Do tell.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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