Ugh, My Daughter’s Name Is On The 2013 Most Popular List

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Like most moms, I was determined to find a name for my daughter that is very special and unique. One key criteria was that I not select a name that would become the next Emma or Olivia (both names I was sure back in the day would be rarely used). I should have known that in seeking a unique name for my daughter, it would be inevitable that my selection would appeal to many other parents across my generation.

Alas, Clementine, my 10-month-old daughter’s name, hit #28 out of the 100 popular baby names of 2013.


I love everything about the name Clementine. First, it reminds me of home in Florida because of the oranges. Second, I like that it’s a name used across cultures–it’s originally French but it’s also a name in Spanish, Clementina. Third, there aren’t variations in spelling and very little question about how it’s pronounced. Fourth, I hear a sophistication in Clementine, while also liking the nickname “Clemmie.” And finally, I thought for sure that “the song” (Oh my darling, oh my darling/Oh my darling, Clementine) would keep plenty of would-be name-takers away.

I guess I was wrong!

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