8 Workouts that are Way too Fun to be Called Work

Of course dancing on a bar counts as exercise!

For the first few months after my babies have joined my life, I am reluctant to leave the house without them. Not because I’m worried their dad can’t take care of them, but because I want an excuse for looking/acting/being the way I am. Tired, a little off, and very soft in the middle. I like to be able to go out in black stretchy pants with a baby strapped to me to say “Hey! I may be a little behind in fashion but I made this and I am still a somewhat functioning human being!”

Things return to their former shape (or enough time passes that you forget what your former shape ever was) and you’re ready to join the world again on your own. A little bit at a time. Rediscover things you used to love doing or start a new hobby or passion that is just for you. Many new moms take up running as a stress reliever and way to get back into shape. Me? Not a runner. But I’m always up for giving a new group class at try. From hanging from the ceiling by your ankles, to wielding a wooden sword, group exercise classes have moved WAY beyond the step.

  • Aerial Silks 1 of 8
    Aerial Silks
    I first saw aerial silks in a studio on the hip side of Indy, I figured maybe it was ... uh ... for ... honestly I didn't know what they could be used for until I saw a friend from Florida post photos from her first aerial silks class. To me it seems a bit like pole dancing without the smutty association mixed with yoga and ballet.
    Photo Credit: Flight Risk Aerials
  • Burlesque 2 of 8
    I actually bought a Groupon for burlesque classes taught right here in Indy. Again with the fun but a little watered down on the all out sexy. Admit it, the first time you saw the Pussycat Dolls you thought, "Huh, well that wouldn't suck."
    Photo Credit: The Vizual Group
  • Pole Dancing 3 of 8
    Pole Dancing
    Ah, pole dancing. It's nothing new by any means but it still has such a funny association with it. Let's be honest, girls who flip around poles really well are both impressive and really fit. I'm not even sure I have the muscles in me anymore to perform some of the tricks required of pole dancers. Bonus? There's a world pole dancing championship. It's good to have goals right?
    Photo Credit: Learn Pole Dancing
  • Adult Ballet 4 of 8
    Adult Ballet
    I danced for 12 years, and as boring and monotonous as those barre workouts were, I had the balance of the cat and the flexibility of a flamingo. Adult ballet classes are not so much for working out as they are for feeling relaxed and strong.
    Photo Credit: Healdsburg Ballet
  • Forza 5 of 8
    Forza, which means "strength" in Italian, is a fairly new trend despite it being around for centuries. In forza classes students perform low impact Tai Chi type movements with a 1- or 2-pound dull wooden sword. 1-2 pounds sound kind of sissy? Hold a big can of green beans to the side of your body for an hour and let me know how that goes.
    Photo Credit: Konrad Fiedler
  • Zumba 6 of 8
    Pretend your '80s wardrobe went on a vacation to Latin America and came back as an exercise. That's what Zumba is. There's really no right or wrong way to do it as long as you're shaking everything and constantly moving. Zumba classes are fun, go by quick and kick your rear.
    Photo Credit: Sydney Zumba Fitness
  • Piloxing 7 of 8
    Piloxing is very ... sexy. Well, it's marketed as sexy. What it is is a cross between pliates (slow, boring, and technical) and boxing (high intensity and fun). Weighted gloves are used in classes that mix both sculpting pilates moves with fat burning boxing moves.
    Photo Credit: Piloxing
  • Urban Rebounding 8 of 8
    Urban Rebounding
    Take a mini trampoline and give it a super cool new name (rebounder) and then add a super hip word to the front and you have urban rebounding. Basically a high-intensity aerobic workout on a mini trampoline without all the joint pressure of running or other classic aerobic workouts. I'm going to say that a mini trampoline is sort of a staple in any house with little kids stuck inside due to bad weather. The fact that I can work out on it too? Bonus!
    Photo Credit: Blisstree

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