Vaccinations And Tylenol And Babies That Are Wussies

Next week Huck heads in for his nine month well visit. Already I am preparing myself. Do I have our updated insurance cards? Check. Do I have my list of questions ready? Check. Is my stash of Infant Tylenol fully stocked? CHECK.

I don’t know if your kids are like my kid, but my kid does not take too kindly to shots. Oh he’s a total champ in the check up room, for sure. He takes it like a hero and only cries for a brief second. It’s the after effects that lay him flat like a pathetic little turkey. Woe! Shots! In my leg! Oh, my leg! Oh, oh ohhhhh!

He doesn’t necessarily pull a fever or have swelling at the site, it’s just general malaise and unhappiness and MOTHERRRRRRRRRRRR! That sort of thing. This would be fine, except, did you hear that they don’t recommend Infant Tylenol for the under 1 crowd anymore?

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Huck’s pediatrician explained it to me as a combination of things:

First, there is the issue of the efficacy of the vaccines. Like, apparently Tylenol can fuss with some certain ingredient (probably the MERCURY, ahahaha, by the way this is NOT a post or forum for discussing whether or not I should vaccinate, thanks), thus rendering it slightly less effective. Not uneffective, mind you, she said “slightly less so,” and then also followed up with a “maybe” and then a “shrug.”

Then there was the whole deal with the Infant Tylenol recall that went down a few months ago. Yeah, you remember that too? Suddenly it went from “Tylenol for hurt babies is good!” to “Tylenol for hurt babies is POISON!!” So. If it was bad once, it is bad ALWAYS. Is the reasoning. (According to my doc? Grain of salt.)

But the afternoon after Huck’s first shots when he whimpered for hours and seemed entirely out of sorts and I put a call into the doc to say, “What Gives?” she said, “Just get some Tylenol,” and “It won’t really hurt,” and “He sounds awfully sad.” And from there on out, if he’s hurt or feeling a little under the weather, I give him Tylenol! That is my policy. I hate to say, “I don’t care about that other stuff,” but possibly it’s true. I . . . yeah, I just don’t care.

And thank heavens I decided that then, because, teething? Good gravy. I mean, pass the Infant Tylenol, would ya?

What about you? Infant Tylenol yes? No? Something else?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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