16 Ideas For a Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home

Getting time for romance when you have children is pretty difficult and when you have a newborn it seems nearly impossible – especially when it’s difficult to even leave the house to make a run to the grocery store, much less to go on a romantic date.

Since this Valentine’s Day my husband and I will be busy taking care of a demanding newborn there is a very high likelihood (read: practically a certainty) that we will be staying in this year.  I was a little bit disappointed about this, until I decided to view this as an opportunity to get creative.

Through my brainstorming for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, I came up with quite a few and thought I’d share them here just in case any of you are in the same boat as me for Valentine’s Day this year.

Check out my ideas for an at-home V-Day after the jump!

  • Make a heart shaped pizza 1 of 16
    Make a heart shaped pizza
    Have take-in in lieu of take-out! Make your own dough in the shape of a heart and then create a pizza with all your favorite toppings.
  • Do everything by candle light 2 of 16
    Do everything by candle light
    Dim the lights and spend your evening surrounded by candles. Everything is more romantic by candle light - even the mundane tasks like diaper changing.
  • Create your own at-home-spa 3 of 16
    Create your own at-home-spa
    Spend your evening pampering each other with spa treatments - facials, mani/pedis, and massages.
  • Have a dance party 4 of 16
    Have a dance party
    Turn up the music, bust a move and try to squeeze in a slow dance or two.
  • Dress up and stay in 5 of 16
    Dress up and stay in
    Don your fanciest duds and enjoy dinner and a movie or whatever activity you're planning in your dress up clothes. Getting dolled up can be a fun change when you've been spending much of your time in yoga pants.
  • Whip up some fancy drinks 6 of 16
    Whip up some fancy drinks
    Create mocktails or cocktails - whatever strikes your fancy and enjoy!
  • Play a game together 7 of 16
    Play a game together
    Play a game and make it more interesting by making a wager to bring out your inner competitor, which is always sexy.
  • Dig out your old love letters 8 of 16
    Dig out your old love letters
    Break out your old love letters and read them together. Nothing like reading the twitterpated musings of early love to rekindle some romance.
  • Create a love notes box 9 of 16
    Create a love notes box
    Get in touch with your crafty side and make a box to drop love notes in during the days leading up to Valentine's Day, or throughout the year.
  • Paint a picture together 10 of 16
    Paint a picture together
    Buy a cheap canvas at a craft store and a paint a collaborative masterpiece. It's fun to see how a collaboration can turn out so much differently than a picture you painted on your own - it's a great way to appreciate your partner's perspective.
  • Watch a movie 11 of 16
    Watch a movie
    Watch a movie together, but not just any movie - choose one that is significant to you both as a couple. "Pearl Harbor" was the movie that Craig and I were watching when we held hands for the first time as high school sweethearts, so that's the movie I'd choose.
  • Make all your food heart-shaped 12 of 16
    Make all your food heart-shaped
    Try to make as much of your food into heart shapes throughout the day as you can (*Think: heart-shaped pancakes, heart-shaped sandwiches, heart-shaped cookies, etc...).
  • Have an indoor picnic 13 of 16
    Have an indoor picnic
    Put together picnic food, spread out a blanket and eat inside. Earn bonus points if you build a blanket fort to eat your meal in.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt 14 of 16
    Plan a scavenger hunt
    Put together clues for a scavenger hunt around your house. Make sure to have a fun surprise waiting at the end!
  • Play video games 15 of 16
    Play video games
    Playing a video game together can be a fun way to create a little friendly rivalry and can be especially fun for your partner if you don't usually play video games with them. They'll appreciate your participation in something that they enjoy.
  • Make out like teenagers 16 of 16
    Make out like teenagers
    Have a good old fashioned make out session. This is an especially great idea if you have a newborn and haven't reached the 6 week mark and gotten the green light to "boot knock". Bonus points if you take the baby monitor with you into the garage and make out in the backseat of your parked car.

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