Valentines Day Poems For My Baby (Yours Too)!

Valentines Day Poems are not really my domain. I’m the furthest thing from a poet, and although I love an occasional love poem, like Pathways by Rainer Maria Rilke, my husband and I are not really the kind of couple that exchange poetry ever, let alone on the big V day. But I did manage to write some silly ones for Fuzzball’s first Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

An Ode to Fuzzball

Oh Fuzzball so fuzzy
Although your cradle cap is scuzzy
I can’t help but kiss your head
Before you go to bed
Of course your chubby feet
Are tasty and sweet
Zerberts on your belly
And poop that isn’t smelly
You’re just so handsome and bright
If only you’d sleep all night.

And some more  dumb ones:

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I change your diaper
When you go poo. (and isn’t that true love?)

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
My heart melts
When you gurgle and coo (but really it sounds like this: “bltppbllooobllpaaaaaahhhhbloopbbb”‘)

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Would you still love me
Without these boobs of two?

And of course the truth:

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
You’ll never really understand
How much I love you. (until you have your own kids and even then maybe not).

Share your love poems for your baby (so I don’t feel like such an ass)!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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