Vasectomy — The Ultimate Birth Control

To vasectomy or to not vasectomy...
To vasectomy or to not vasectomy...

Birth control and me just don’t work. (See my second child, my fourth child and then my post on the IUD that quit on me.)

After a lengthy discussion with my husband and my OB Dr. P, it was decided that a vasectomy was the best course of action. Seeing that birth control for men is limited, my husband was totally cool with going through with the procedure.

Our deductible was met for 2011, so in December I gave my husband 3 weeks to find a doctor and get it done. I’ve never seen him act so quick. He’s had a spot on his skin I’ve been bugging him to call a Dermatologist about for 6 months, but apparently getting a vasectomy is more important. Before I could ask, he had a date scheduled to get snipped.

His appointment was at 4:30 pm. I drove him to the Urologist’s office while me and our 4 kids waited in the car. After 45 minutes and a series of text messages that had me in a constant state of LOL, he emerged a new man. A man that could no longer potentially get me pregnant. (The potential is in reference to the few months following a vasectomy there is still a risk.)

vasectomy snap shot
Prepping for a vasectomy - a snap shot from my husband while waiting for his "procedure".

The husband spent the next day in bed and the next week in pain. Recovery was easy from my point of view (hello delivering 4 babies – 3 naturally) – but if you mention the “procedure” he still flinches.

And like that it was done.

In the spirit of keeping it real on the blogosphere, I’ll admit I cried — more than once. For the last 13 years of our marriage we’ve been in baby-making mode. That time ended after a 45-minute doctor visit. The years of trying for a baby and then the years of carrying babies in my womb — over.  Now I feel old.

The funny thing is I haven’t told many people. I find it hilarious when people think “Oh, she could be pregnant.” HA!

My sister was telling me how my mom told her she could see me having a few more kids. Sorry, Grandma.Unless we adopt later in life (which is something we’ve talked about), this baby factory is shut down, out of business and bankrupt. At least with that baby daddy (and for some reason my husband doesn’t find that funny… hrmm)…

Read Katie’s post about some doctor’s requiring the man’s wife’s permission to get a vasectomy. (Thankfully my husband’s doctor did not require my permission!)

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Does the Thought of Ending Your Baby Making Days Sadden You?

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Are we done having kids? My husband’s vasectomy turned me into a wreck

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