VIDEO: Is It Weird That My Baby Is Crawling Before Sitting?

Baby G can suddenly crawl, but she still can't sit herself up!

At 9 months old, Baby G continues to surprise us. Of course, the biggest surprise was the first one, when she decided to make her arrival right at six weeks early.  And since then, her physical development has been kind of out of order and hard to predict. Her newest accomplishment fits right in with this trend.

As I’ve blogged about in the past month or two, she’s been pretty late with the whole sitting up thing, and in fact, she still can’t get into a sitting position on her own. If we plop her down on her bum in a sitting position, she can now maintain her balance (finally – even that took quite a while). But now, SURPRISE!  All of a sudden – and I mean totally all of a sudden – she is crawling! For realz!

As you can see from the video below, it’s still sort of a “commando crawl” (or as my father used to call this kind of baby-locomotion, “the Audie Murphy crawl”), but she is definitely capable of getting where she wants to go. It’s so adorable to watch her scooting around with a determined look in her eye that tonight, I kept putting her down a few feet away from some toy I knew she’d go for, and then watching her drag herself over to the bright, shiny object of desire. Maybe this was wrong of me – treating my baby like I would a puppy playing fetch – but she didn’t seem to mind.

Baby G Commando Crawls at 9 Months, 1 Week

For purposes of comparison, check out this much different crawling style adopted by G’s next-oldest sibling, her now-3 year old sister, C. This video was taken of C doing her wacky crawl when she was 11 months old, about one month before she started actually walking. (and yes, yes indeed, my two youngest girls do look pretty much EXACTLY alike. In fact, even I have trouble telling them apart in photos.)

Big Sister C’s Wacky Crawling Style, 11 Months Old

It’s really interesting to me that Baby G is starting to crawl before she is able to get into a sitting position on her own. Developmentally, this seems completely out of order. Have any of your babies done it this way? How long after crawling were they able to sit themselves up? And how about the “Audie Murphy crawl?” Did your baby start this way and then go to a more traditional crawl, or did he/she go straight from commando-crawl to pulling up and walking? Tell me in the comments below.



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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