Vivi and the Toy Car, a Photographic Love Story

I can clearly remember one of my nephews lying on the floor for hours pushing his little toy cars back and forth. About two weeks ago we pulled out a toy train that belonged to Addie and Vivi immediately began pushing it back and forth on our wood floors. When we arrived at my parents house this last week my step mom had purchased a couple of toy cars that fit perfectly into Vivi’s chubby little hands but one in particular holds her heart and attention more than any other.

I must admit that the stereotype of ‘cars are for boys’ lingers somewhere in the very back of my mind. Addie was never into cars, trains or planes and so it never occurred to me that a little toy car may just be the most perfect toy for Vivi, but after hanging out with her on the floor yesterday I realized that not only are toy cars her favorite, the little yellow one is the first toy she’s ever really fallen in baby love with.

  • Beep Beep! 1 of 6
    Beep Beep!
    First things first, I keep my camera nearby and ready to go all the time, so when she started playing with her little car I scooted her closer to the big glass front door and snapped a few photos without distracting her.
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    Knee Dimples
    Second, it's so important when taking photos of little babies to get down on their level. Sure, a different perspective is fun, but in general, to get the best shots of little people you're going to have to be down on the floor with them.
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    Vroom Vroom
    I've never seen her take to a toy like she's taken to this little yellow car at her grandma's house. If I were to buy the same car when we got home? She wouldn't even give it the time of day. Babies, so fickle.
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    Chubby Wrists
    Of all the adorable parts on my baby, her rubber band wrists get a majority of comments.
  • Elbow Dimples 5 of 6
    Elbow Dimples
    Yes. I do squeeze them all day. See the back of her arm? It begs to be nibbled.
  • Resting and Revving 6 of 6
    Resting and Revving
    There came a point where she just put her head on the floor and pushed the little car back and forth, back and forth.

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