Vivi Smash

I’ve taken pictures of Vivi in a mirror and one of the things I wondered was what she looked like from the other side of the glass. My dad’s entryway has the most fantastic light (I took the photos of Vivi and her lovebug there) so one afternoon while hanging out with her she started smashing her face against the glass front door to watch cars pass by. Not being one to let such a moment pass me by, I sat outside the front door with my camera and caught her as she watched the cars go by (and played peek-a-boo with me.) My dad probably wishes I would have washed the window but one can’t predict when photographic opportunities are going to come up!

I washed the mirror the next day, hoping to recreate the same photos but nope! (My dad did get a clean window out of it though.) Thankfully I got these little lovelies from our little impromptu session.

  • Hi! 1 of 7
    I was just as entertaining to her from the other side as she was to me.
  • Chiclets 2 of 7
    Those tiny little teeth, they're so sharp when she bites you. It's sad really.
  • Smoooosh 3 of 7
    This is her "watching the cars go by from the other side of the glass" face.
  • Smash 4 of 7
    I began to wonder if the window tasted like anything with how much she tasted and licked it.
  • Are you there? 5 of 7
    Are you there?
    It's me, Vivi.
  • Chubby! 6 of 7
  • Voldemort baby 7 of 7
    Voldemort baby
    Or she who shall not be named. This will be the one that comes out on prom night.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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