Vivienne for the Old Navy Baby Sale. (And a 30% Off Coupon!)

Forget that madness going on down the street at Target, I take dressing a baby quite seriously. Especially when it comes to dressing a baby girl. Y’all? With all the cute stuff out there for babies I could go broke. Guess how much my husband would like that? Exactly none. Babies are messy little critters and they grow faster than bamboo, so clothes have to be versatile, comfortable and affordable. Enter the Old Navy baby sale.

After the jump find out about my shopping style and how I did at the Old Navy Baby Sale! (And find out how to get a 30% off coupon!)

1) Everything should go with (almost) everything else. Choose a color palette and stick with it. I have the better luck with browns instead of blacks. Addie likes to pick out Vivi’s clothes so when everything matches? There’s less possibility of Vivi ending up with lime green pants and a pastel green shirt.

2) Buying most everything in one trip from a store like Old Navy assures that you don’t double buy any item and allows you to visualize just how many outfits are possible from your selections. Also having everything on one receipt helps keep your spending in check.

3) Dresses are better than shirts. They can start out as dresses and as your baby grows they can become tunics and then later, shirts.

4) Find a great basic on sale? Go ahead and buy two sizes. It’s nice to know that when your baby wakes up bigger? You don’t have to search for the perfect pair of jeans, you already have them in the closet. (Old Navy is basics capital of the baby world, has been since Addie was a baby.)

I was given $150 to outfit my baby and here’s what I found, I’m amazed! at how many versatile pieces (15 to be exact) and outfits (more than 20 possibilities!) I ended up with. Find a 30% off coupon on the Baby Sale Facebook Page!

Micro Performance Fleece Hoodie $14.94

Halloween Skeleton Bodysuit $9.70

Waffle Knit Bodysuit $5

Striped Hooded One Piece $10

Smock Cuff Military Pants $10

Cinched Leg Military Jeans $10

Multi-Stripe Sweater Dress $15

Waffle Knit Pants $5

Jersey-Lined Pull on Jeans $10

Knee-Patch Twill Pants $10

Printed Body Suit $7

Performance Fleece Hooded One Piece $15

Micro Fleece Performance Pants $6

The Old Navy Baby Sale is going on now through September 22nd in stores and online!

This post is brought to you by Old Navy. Check out the Kids & Baby Sale in store with great deals starting at $5.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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