Vivi's Favorite Things (To Chew On)

The time has come where what’s mine is Vivi’s and what’s Vivi’s goes into her mouth to be gummed to death. While teeth still haven’t made their appearance drool and endless chewing has, which means I have to be extra vigilant about what that baby sticks in her mouth. I’d like to say I was as conscious with Addie and what went into her mouth but those were the days before BPA scares and lead based paint warnings.

Sorry about that Addie.

In all of Vivi’s chewy discoveries a few have stood out as her favorite.

  • Born Free Silicone Teether $9.99 1 of 5
    Born Free Silicone Teether $9.99
    If I were teething? This is the one I'd want with me all the time. Different textures on each end and super chewy.
    Available for Purchase Here:
  • Chewbeads. $36.50 2 of 5
    Chewbeads. $36.50
    Your kid is going to chew on your necklace no matter what. Chewbeads let them chew safely, keep you stylish and keep toys from being flung to the floor.
    Available for Purchase Here:
  • RaZbaby Teether $4.99 3 of 5
    RaZbaby Teether $4.99
    Vivi doesn't *do* binkies. But this bumpy BPA free teether is by far her first choice when it comes to chewing.
    Available for Purchase Here:
  • Wooden Baby Teether 4 of 5
    Wooden Baby Teether
    I double dog dare you to pick just one teether from this shop and proclaim it as your favorite, it can't be done.
    Available for Purchase Here: Little Alouette on Etsy
  • Teething Bling Teething Necklace 5 of 5
    Teething Bling Teething Necklace
    I received one of these years ago and held onto it because it seemed like such a good idea. Turns out it is a good idea and I wear it around the house daily.
    Available for Purchase Here:

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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