Vivi’s In-House Christmas Photo Sessions

One of the most spectacular things I’ve realized over the last year is that I know enough about photography now and have enough equipment to produce almost any photo I can imagine or reinterpret one inspired by someone else. Vivi and her sister are two of the best subjects alive when it comes to allowing me to test out my sometimes crazy ideas and so when the holiday photos started flying around the Internet I knew there were several I wanted to try out with Vivi.

While I would never consider myself a professional, I would consider myself a fanatic. There’s something about being able to see something in my head and then produce it with a bunch of buttons and settings and patience. I believe in sharing photography so as to inspire others to capture their own memories and come up with their own amazing ways of reinterpreting something someone else has done.

It would be impossible to take an exact duplicate of a photo, especially when babies are involved. So if you’re feeling clicky, there’s a few holiday themed photos from four different rounds of photo shoots I’ve done with my girls this year after the jump…

  • Baby with lights 1 of 16
    Baby with lights
    These were my first attempt, I learned a lot from it and feel as though I improved my technique in following shoots.
  • All wrapped up 2 of 16
    All wrapped up
    This was her first time seeing Christmas lights and she was enamored.
  • Support from big sister 3 of 16
    Support from big sister
    She couldn't quite be trusted to sit up on her own so Addie lent her a couple feet.
  • Big and little 4 of 16
    Big and little
    I still can't believe how big they both are.
  • Looking up 5 of 16
    Looking up
    In true Addie fashion she was making a joyous noise up high and Vivi had to be a part of it.
  • Her best elf impression 6 of 16
    Her best elf impression
    This was Addie's Christmas dress when she was a year old.
  • Most of the shoot went like this 7 of 16
    Most of the shoot went like this
    May as well be honest, I was in the wings the whole time grabbing lights out of her mouth.
  • Some made it in 8 of 16
    Some made it in
    She got one good chomp on them before I could get there.
  • Vivi the present 9 of 16
    Vivi the present
    There was so much that went into these photos. So much set up, I was so worried I would be disappointed but they turned out even better than I had hoped.
  • Jingle 10 of 16
    Those bells she's holding sound simply magical.
  • Giggle 11 of 16
    Her big sister was doing some off camera dancing and Vivi fully supported such silliness.
  • YAWN 12 of 16
    This being cute, tis' hard work.
  • Snowflake lights 13 of 16
    Snowflake lights
    I couldn't justify buying white icicle lights so I worked with what I had, 5 snowflake LED lights.
  • The bow falls down. 14 of 16
    The bow falls down.
    It was only a matter of time before it came tumbling down.
  • Wide-eyed wonder 15 of 16
    Wide-eyed wonder
    And to think there was I time I was worried she wouldn't have eyelashes.
  • In front of the tree 16 of 16
    In front of the tree
    I wish I could have Christmas lights in the background of everything forever.

I still have two more planned out in my head with only 10 days to do them.

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Inspiration credit for the first shoot goes to Amy Tripple and credit for the white lights goes to Jill.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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