Wait, that is NOT Your Baby.

Mom...who's that?

Several people have admired the pewter tree on my mantle with its tiny leaf frames. Inside each frame is an adorable photo of an aunt, an uncle, the family dog, grandparents, siblings and parents. I honestly get compliments on it all the time. “What a great family! What a great frame! What a great idea!” I also have three frame ornaments on my tree, one holds a photo of baby’s first Christmas in 2004, baby’s first Halloween and baby’s first Christmas in 2011. Chubby little babies in costumes and holiday trimmings framed in Hallmark glory and hung on pine.

The only problem?

Not a single one of the photos is someone I’m actually related to.

Let alone a child I’ve birthed.

I am guilty of having a picture frame family. My house is full of stock images of overtly happy families, smiling at me in all their sunny perfection.

This is the week that is all going to change. ALL OF IT. I have been downloading photos off facebook of my REAL aunts, uncles, sister, nieces, nephews and parents. They aren’t always perfect and happy, but they are my family. And my Christmas tree? It will house photos of my ACTUAL children. On their first Christmases and Halloween. How is this all going to happen?

Tomorrow I will be printing them off, cutting them down to size and filling my home with MY family, not stock images of paid actors put together to sell frames and dreams. Did you ever see the movie “The Switch?” Where the little kid collects picture frames but never takes out the stock photo in hopes that one day he will be a part of a real happy family? That’s not going to be my kids, because they are a part of a real happy family.

Time for another insane admission.

Vivi turns 7 months old on Sunday.

We have ONE photo of all four of us, taken at Addie’s school on Grandparents Day. There is only one copy and I am wearing sweatpants.

This too must change.

Am I the only one with no family photos and strangers in their frames?


Many thanks to Canon for sponsoring this post and for providing me with a brand new shiny PIXMA printer to print out my real family with.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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