7 Ways To Prepare For Surgery When You Have A Baby

This week has been a whirlwind. After writing this post about my upcoming surgery, a few things changed. I spent last weekend in the hospital after my doctor sent me Friday evening to have emergency surgery. Upon arrival, IV, blood work, and all that good stuff — I found out I had a kidney infection. Infection and surgery don’t go together so surgery was postponed. I was kept in the hospital to do a ultra sound to make sure they weren’t missing anything else. But no — minus the gimp left kidney — just a pesky gallbladder and a gallbladder stone that is almost an inch. Sounds awful right? Believe me — I would rather birth five babies daily than deal with this pain everyday. Horrible. 

I was sent on my way with 5 different medications and put on clear liquid diet until my appointment with the surgeon which wasn’t until yesterday. Talk about diet! No food. Not like I could enjoy it anyway because I can’t hold anything down but — allowing yourself to only liquids is really hard. I feel so sick.

The good news is that all of this will be soon behind me; hopefully. After visiting with the surgeon, I head to my pre-op tomorrow and surgery is officially scheduled for Thursday. I was given a doctors note to not work for 3 weeks — well, I work from home and I have 5 littles — please tell me how I will get 3 weeks “off”. I can’t lift any of my kids for 2 weeks. I will be staying in bed until Tuesday am unless per doctors orders. The next 7 days I promised him I would take it easy until my two weeks is up. The only thing that I am still battling with since pregnancy is anemia. I still am severely anemic so that really doesn’t help. I am exhausted from being sick. But also — exhausted from being anemic too.

While recovery is usually quick and I should be home by Friday I am just reminding myself that I really need to rest. Honestly — the fact that I am falling apart is a reminder of why us moms really need to take care of ourselves more. I need to pull myself together, drink more water, sleep more, stop working 24/7 and not stay up until 4am when the alarm clocks goes off at 7. Otherwise, the kidney will be the next to go. That said — I am getting organized before surgery. I am reaching out for help and trying to shut my mind off.

Here are ways I have been preparing for surgery this week since I do have a 4 -month-old and what is next on my list as my surgery date approaches:

  • Asking for help — I have decided to let people help me more when it comes to business. As a mompreneur you are constantly managing it all. You are your own boss and you need to reminder yourself to give yourself time off. This goes for a full-time working or stay-at-home mom too. We all are working our boo-tays off. I decided to branch-out my cupcakeMAG team and realized I needed to search for more contributors.  I can’t continue to multi-task like I have been and I need to learn — it’s okay to need help. Sometimes I forget. 
  • Make dinners ahead — I am lucky. My husband likes to cook however — this isn’t the case in everyone’s home. The rule in our house — whoever cooks, dosen’t clean-up. Usually he does the cooking and I do the cleaning. It works at well and honestly, I don’t mind having someone cook for me. But — if you are going in for surgery and usually are the Betty Crocker in the house I suggest planning meals ahead. Better yet — make them and freeze them! Super-easy for family dinners while you recover in bed.
  • Gather everything you need ahead of time — Those trashy magazines you’ve been wanting as you check-out your groceries, grab them! Stock-up on groceries for your family. Make sure laundry is done and clothing is laid out. My husband would have everyone is who knows what. Make sure all of your important papers are together and filed for the surgery day too. Put all important phone numbers on a list. Make sure all instructions are laid out for anyone who may be helping you. The most important thing when you are going to be down for the team – stay organized, gather the essentials — it will be a guaranteed smooth recover time for you.
  • Blogger? Schedule your posts — For bloggers out there, scheduling post is so important before you head into surgery because when you are looped up in bed on pain meds, you might not be up to really thinking, writing, and editing. Schedule, schedule, schedule too! Social media junkie? Get HootSuite and schedule tweets too!
  • Make sure your living will is in place — No one ever wants to this. Ever. But — when you have littles, it is a MUST. My husband and I had ours done back when we took our first vacation away from kids to LA, 5 years ago. It is very important especially when a risk during surgery evolves. Do it for your children.
  • Get your thank you cards ready — Friends will bring dinners, offer prayers, and may really help out. I suggest always having thank you cards by your side and ready to go. This way you can write them as needed instead of looking back and writing all at one time. Even if it is a thank you note to your Mom for watching your baby — a thank you really is important so your friends and family know you appreciated their support.
  • Hug your littles tight — While the surgery I am having is pretty easy, I still have spent a lot of time this week with my children. Giving them extra kisses and lots of love because “going under” is always nerve-wracking. No matter what surgery you are having — it is always stressful. Especially for a mom. You wonder so many things. Right now my motto is to take one day at a time and just praying my recovery is a breeze — and of course that I wake up! It’s always a worry. 

I am really looking forward to putting this behind me. I am ready to feel better again. I am ready to eat a meal. I am ready to have cream in my coffee without getting sick. I am ready to put this chapter in my life to a close. I can’t wait to say farewell to my gallbladder. 

As a Mom, dealing with your own health issues isn’t easy. What tips do you have when it comes to managing it all?

Side note: Please say a little prayer for me on Thursday! I would appreciate it. Send your good, healing vibes my way.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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