We Have Teeth!

There were times when I thought Abby was teething. Surely I was onto something, the growth of teeth before they actually cut has to cause some discomfort, right?

We had idea what we were in for.

With our first, teething barely bothered him. We experienced the mild discomfort he expressed, and then boom! Teeth. Usually in the morning, there a tooth would be. He was a night cutter. Up until a few days ago, we thought it would be the same with Abby because while she definitely let us know she was uncomfortable – we had yet to experience anything truly dramatic.

Which is why it makes total sense (slight sarcasm) that not only would she cut teeth, but 3 of them, all at once, while on vacation, directly preceding a nasty ear infection and three days of pretty much constant fever. Woweeeee. What a ride it’s been. Our poor little baby girl has been in so much pain, with no time to recover from being sick. When they finally broke, it was nothing but grins. For a while anyways. After the jump!

While it’s been challenging, it’s been sweet to have so much cuddle time. Because that’s all she really wants. Is to be on me. Constantly. Which is understandable. At the same time, we are about ready to have our happy little baby back. Hopefully these 3 toothers are it for a little while. At least until our vacation is over. Right? Pretty please Lords of Fate? I have a wedding to host and photograph today. No biggie.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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