We Survived The First Nut Exposure

Drinking almond milk was a breeze - whew!

Few things have scared me more during baby’s first year than food allergies.  Perhaps it’s because Cullen reacted to the very first food we tried – oatmeal cereal – by vomiting repeatedly after multiple exposures.  Since then, I’ve been weary to try most of the common allergens – eggs, strawberries, and most of all – nuts!

We tackled eggs a few weeks ago, starting with the yolk and bravely moving into scrambling the whole thing.  Strawberries were an accident – part of a mixed berry bag that we put in his smoothie.  He survived and there was no anticipation leading up to it, since I didn’t even know it was happening.  A win-win.

But I’ve been holding out on nuts until closer to the first birthday.  Last week, I made an egg frittata that had a bit of almond milk mixed in.  I was eating one myself for lunch, and Cullen kept grabbing for it and licking his lips.  He sensed that it was tasty.

He’s about three weeks out from a year right now, and I figured I’ll have to do it eventually.  There were a few other moms and babies over for playgroup that day, so at least I was in good company should something go wrong.  He took a bite and I held my breath.

And…nothing.  Totally fine!  So much build up for so little outcome, but that’s what we were hoping for, so no complaining.  I know peanuts are the major allergen to watch for, but I feel better having at least crossed the nut threshold with almonds.  He’s had almond milk in eggs a few more times now, and this morning he had a bit in his smoothie.  So far so good – almonds seem to be agreeing well.

I’ll probably wait a few more weeks before we try peanuts.  I’m definitely nervous.  It’s scary to think something so little can cause a big reaction in my precious baby, and I’d rather prepare for the worst than casually assume he’ll be fine.  I don’t think I’ll go as far as sitting in the hospital parking lot when he tries some peanut butter (I have heard that moms do this!), but I’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye.

So far, one down, and many more to go.  But I’m calling this one a victory, and a big relief.

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